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'Obama's Blaster' Gun Attachment

A California gun company named Ares Armor is selling a rifle attachment named “Obama’s Blaster,” supposedly to mock the president’s support for stricter gun control laws. 76 more words

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Iraq war veteran identified as man who allegedly entered White House with a knife after jumping fence

The man accused of getting inside the White House after scaling a fence is a veteran who was awarded a medal for his service in Iraq and retired due to disability, the Army said Sunday. 891 more words


When my inmates made flowers for old ladies...

Once upon a time I taught a short course in horticulture at a prison with 1,200 men. As I approached “the fence” that first morning, my inner woman was yelling, “Are you freaking CRAZY? 401 more words

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TYT Survey: Al Gore For President?

TYT and Survey Monkey polled registered voters aged 18-35 and asked who their favorite Democratic candidate would be for president. According to the survey, outside of Hillary Clinton, the most popular candidate would be Al Gore.

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Fox News: Claims Of Terrorists Crossing The Border

Jason Chaffetz makes “blanket assertions” about people crossing the border with “ties to known terrorist organizations in the Middle East.” Later Chaffetz states they are people with “known ties to a terrorist… 31 more words

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Politicians are incompetent and/or corrupt.

This is easy to prove.

Are the nation’s problems being solved or increasing?

Increasing  —  Incompetence

Are politicians making promises to get votes? 58 more words