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PolitiFact 2014 Lie of the Year: Ebola Panic

The PolitiFact 2014 outrageous lie of the year was the panic surrounding Ebola.

Video by David Pakman

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Cop Transporting Prisoners Road Rages His Gun At Wrong Guy

According to Fox10phoenix, a Phoenix Police officer was arrested for pointing his gun at a driver during a traffic “road rage” incident.

However, the man who had the gun pulled out on him by the officer served as an Arizona Representative and a State Senator.” 75 more words

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Vermont 'Canadian-Style' Single-Payer Health Care

According to ThinkProgress, proponents of single-payer health care in Vermont aren’t pleased with their governor’s recent decision to stop the state’s plans to create a single-payer system.   65 more words

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Was Sandy Hook A Hoax?

For quite some time, there has been a conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook shooting was a staged hoax.

David Pakman discusses it.

David Pakman video.

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Stunning Gap In Accumulated Wealth Between Races

“The average African-American household takes home around 40 percent less income than a similar white family. The gap between non-Hispanic whites and Hispanics (who can belong to any race) is just over 30% (Excel file). 9 more words

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Think Progress: 9 Travesties Of Justice In 2014 That Would Be Totally Unbelievable If They Weren’t True

1. An NYPD officer killed a man on video, and he won’t face charges.

On July 17, 2014, Eric Garner died in the Tompkinsville neighborhood of Staten Island, New York, after a police officer used a chokehold around Garner’s neck for about 19 seconds.   1,013 more words

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MSNBC: Ferguson 'Witness 40'

According to MSNBC, “witness 40″ spoke on the record for the first time to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, raising new questions about the Bob McCulloch’s grand jury process. 155 more words

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