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After stratospheric rise, a phantom social network's shares nose dive

The good news for Cynk Technology is that the supposed social network’s shares resumed trading on Friday after a 10-day suspension by U.S. regulators.The bad news for Cynk: it’s shares plummeted 85%. 172 more words


Cynk Technology plunges as much as 86% as trading ban expires on the mystery firm with a fake address

Cynk Technology Corp., the supposed social-network operator with no revenue, plunged as trading resumed after a 10-day suspension by U.S. regulators and the stock’s 36,000% advance. 506 more words


Meet the Wall Street veteran who says he lost his job because of CYNK, a mystery stock that surged 36,000%

A Wall Street trader said CYNK Technology Corp.’s 36,000% stock surge cost him his job, and he blames a short squeeze and regulators who didn’t halt the shares before the company’s value shot past US$6 billion. 991 more words


SEC suspends trading in Cynk Technology over 'potentially manipulative transactions'

It has no profit, no revenue and no assets, and that proved to be no hurdle to the meteoric rise of tech startup Cynk Technology. On Friday morning, the… 712 more words


Pinching Penny Stocks May Be the Wise Way to Invest

  With stock market gains moving at a snail’s pace over the past decade, some experts have their sights set on the not-so-new darling of the trading world — penny stocks. 414 more words

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Investigators launch another Christie bridge probe, this time over Pulaski Skyway, report says

By: Brent Johnson

As Gov. Chris Christie continues to deal with the fallout of the George Washington Bridge scandal, investigators have launched another bridge-related probe into his administration — this time over possible securities law violations stemming from a plan to repair the Pulaski Skyway, according to a report by the New York Times.


As Cyber Attacks Grow in Frequency and Sophistication, Directors Need to Focus on Oversight of Cyber-Risk Management

Since I first wrote about the risk from cyber attacks over a year ago (see “Senior Management and Board Members Need to Focus on Increasing Risks from Cyber Attacks” 1,859 more words