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So Much Shisha Ad Making, So Little Time.

So the council liked the video, however they wanted more. The meeting with the council went quite well, I wasn’t there, but one of the producers met with them to discuss the advert. 352 more words

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I'm Saved By a Double Booking

I was really feeling the pressure of having to expose myself on camera. The closer I got to shooting, the more I became nervous and uncertain that this is what I wanted to do. 79 more words

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Nerves of Flab

So today is the day I finally shoot my subconscious video art project and with a lot of thought, I have decided to expand it a little further by filming myself eat, topless. 139 more words

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Unit 6.

When I left sixth form I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to university or not, but what I did know is that i liked Photography and I wanted to do something with this. 1,242 more words

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Recording Poetry Is Hard

Today, I recorded my poem to begin the multi screen typography production. I found writing the poem was quite easy because it kind of came naturally to me. 175 more words

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Video Art and Typography

I recently wrote about how I felt typography was a lazy form of motion graphics, I still believe this but I thing there is a better way of doing it. 38 more words

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