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NaPoWriMo 2014 Day 18 'Lobster In The Pot'

Friday, Good Friday today…happy Easter…today’s is a long poem for me…

‘Lobster In The Pot’ was inspired by the UK Welfare system. Waiting to be seen at Brixton’s Benefit Office back in the mid 1980′s was a soul destroying experience…luckily I found work the following week. 214 more words


JACK's Inside Track: UB40

I’ve heard of music “hurting” your ears, but actually causing hemmoraging?!? Give that band an award!


Too loud?

I’ve just read a report of several people complaining that UB40, the band, played too loudly at a gig in Cambridge. The band got together in 1978 and came to fame in the 1980′s with such songs as ‘Red, red, wine’, ‘One in ten’, ‘Rat in mi kitchen’ and many more. 348 more words

Music... And My Favourite Gigs

Foolish Love (Select-A-Set)

So my post the other day had me going particularly as I said that love is certainly foolish and is always talked about in the media. 204 more words


Reggae Covers: Al Brown - Here I Am Baby (Al Green)

Longtime fans of reggae music will remember the 1989 UB40 cover of the same tune from their ‘Labour of Love II’ disc (definitely worth a re-listen). 53 more words


An unforgettable stay at the Fire & Ice

This past weekend was probably one of the best weekends that Mr C & I have had this year.

On Saturday, we were booked in for a complimentary stay at the Fire & Ice Melrose Arch, after our… 643 more words