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Playstation News - Watchdogs: 9 Minute MP Gameplay Video

An embargo has lifted on a recent and very secret, Press preview event in Paris held by Ubisoft. Ignoring the nonsense over the tablets some media were given at the event by the PR that ran it, finally getting to see reports of actual hands on gameplay with both Single Player campaign and the MP has long been waited for. 92 more words


Don't mess with my data in multiplayer Watch Dogs (hands-on preview)

If you steal my data, I’m going to hunt you down and kill you. That’s the premise behind the multiplayer mode in Watch Dogs, the highly anticipated video game about a hacker who controls a city with his smartphone. 605 more words


Watch Dogs' mobile app is a hoot as you chase down a fugitive across Chicago (hands-on preview)

Ubisoft’s upcoming video game Watch Dogs is totally fun to play as I discovered in a hands-on demo of the cyber-hacker vigilante game at a preview in San Francisco. 538 more words


Watch Dogs really lets you hack your way through a smart city (hands-on preview)

This preview has some plot spoilers.

SAN FRANCISCO — Ubisoft’s designers have succeeded in creating an immersive open world with Watch Dogs, a video game set in a smart city where a hacker takes control in order to inflict his own brand of personal vigilantism. 2,195 more words


Creepy New Website Shows Just How Much Facebook Knows About You

How much can someone learn about you by accessing your Facebook data? Not just your friends and interests, but also who stalks you, where you spend your time and even how much money you make. 151 more words

4-Player Coop in Assassin's Creed Unity?

An anonymous source from Ubisoft leaked that Assassin’s Creed Unity will have two gameplay demoes at the upcoming E3 show in June. One demo will showcase the normal single player of the game, while the other will introduce a new 4-player cooperative story, said… 145 more words


Trials Fusion Review

By: Derek Kelsheimer

Trials Fusion has finally arrived, and as a big fan of the series I naturally jumped at the chance to play more of the zany physics based bike racing series. 692 more words

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