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Yoga Love: "Go Slowly to the Other Side"

Dear Friends,

My eyes are open and the only sights are unmoving, banana leaves and patches of sun through their broad leaves. All is green. The air buzzes with humming insects, roosters crowing, the exhalations of my neighbors, and a voice above saying, “Breathe.” I’m lying on my back in Ubud, in a room so open to the outdoors that it’s almost not a room at all. 324 more words



Went on saturday to Ubud for a day trip with some lovely friends of mine from Bali and some visiting from Sydney! Lunch was well spent at the Three monkeys cafe just on monkey forrest road! 96 more words


幸福岛屿 - 巴厘 (二)


第二天早上,在客栈的小小餐厅(warung semesta) 吃早餐。

妈妈点一盘 mee goreng, 味道普通saja. RP25k

我的banana pancake, 里面夹着一些椰丝,外面淋了一点好像gula melaka,味道很道地。Rp20k

这是给住客学制作woodcraft 的地方,除了woodcraft, 还可以缴学费学煮balinese cuisines。所以住在这里是不会闷的!


阁楼上的迷你图书馆,这里可以借用他们的电脑,书本或board games。


他们还有户外的“健身房”和spa, 非常接近大自然。 39 more words


Entry #12- 33 hours in Singapore and off to Indonesia!

When we first got off the plan in Singapore we were already amazed at the place. The airport was so massive and extremely clean. We fell in love with Singapore the moment we were able to drink out of a water fountain. 3,926 more words

幸福岛屿 - 巴厘 (一)

摆脱家里那两个小给他娘后,我跟阿咪就这样浩浩荡荡的出发到巴厘岛。这次我真的有吓到,jio她去巴厘的时候我以为他不跟我去,那里她一口答应。我问她真的放得下家里的事,她说没问题啊!很感谢她,相信我。我很像带女朋友出去酱,一手包办飞机票,住宿,司机,金钱等等的事,带着她这里去哪里去,很多时候她静静的等候我跟别人处理事,很像check in, bargain, order, 还钱,讨论行程等!她放心交给我,我也很轻松地办完所有事。
当然我们有时会有争执,妈妈都会让我。所以她绝对是一位很好的travel buddy!



一上车就喊饿,他马上介绍我们去每个刚抵达巴厘岛的游客到Malioboro 这个餐厅用餐。我在cari forum 看过有人介绍蛮好吃,二话不说就答应!

点了一杯无糖无奶的avocado juice (RP31K)给她,橙汁(RP28K)给自己。
一条看似会飞的炸鱼,gurami rica rica(Rp86K),妈妈很喜欢
一小盘 sambal goreng teri pete (臭豆 ),不好吃! 65 more words


Holy Springs Water Temple

Pura Tirta Empul:  November 24, 2013

The Holy Springs Water Temple, Or more known as Pura Tirta Empul, is a Hindu Temple located in Ubud.    This temple contains pools inside the courtyard in which it was said that the waters have magical healing powers. 495 more words


Daily Life in Ubud, Bali

Sometimes when I’m busy as a tourist in a different country, different city, different area – I forget that all the locals are carrying on with their daily life, as with my friends and family. 116 more words