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How to Connect Nexus 7 to Ubuntu

Nexus ടാബ് (ആന്‍ഡ്രോയ്ഡ് 4.0 + above) ഉബുണ്ടുവില്‍ മൗണ്ട് ചെയ്യുന്ന വിധം

Go-mtpfs എന്ന പാക്കേജ് ഉപയോഗിച്ച്  ഉബുണ്ടു 12.04 മുതലുള്ള ഓഎസില്‍ Nexus മൗ​ണ്ട് ചെയ്യാവുന്നതാണ്.
(ഞാന്‍ Google Nexus 7C ലാണ് ഇത് ട്രൈ ചെയ്തത്.) 60 more words

Ubuntu 12.04

WiFi issues on Ubuntu 12.04

Hey ,

Recently installed ubuntu 12.04 on a fresh and clean system. While it works like a charm, a very irritating issue was that the inbuilt wireless card was not working. 90 more words

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How to Install a Ubuntu Server 12.04 In Virtual Box

I have been  learning how to install a server into a Virtual Box and I have been learning how to do simple editing of the index.html file and setting a  local network. 73 more words

Changing username, host and bash prompt

Changing Username

sudo usermod -m -d /home/ -l  

Changing hostname

sudo hostname 
sudo service hostname restart

In both cases, I was unable to log into the GUI after reboot. 32 more words

Installing Subversion 1.7 on Ubuntu 12.04

Firstly, install the following dependencies
sudo apt-get install python-software-properties

Now installing Subversion 1.7
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:dominik-stadler/subversion-1.7
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install subversion

Also install libssl 0.9.8: 26 more words


How to backup and restore couchbase database

Couchbase is NoSQL database system which allows us to store data in schemaless JSON format. When we are using the couchbase it is important to keep backup of the data so that in case of an accidental break down we can save the data. 219 more words