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Everywhere, Simple script for searching directory and file instantly for ubuntu

Hello, Do you ever use the application “Everything” on Windows? Everything is a great application for indexing file or folder. Everything store a lot of information about file/directory name and the path to the database. 366 more words


Install and configure NFS server on Ubuntu for serving files

When it comes to serving media content within your local network, a NFS share is way better than Samba/CIFS share in terms of speed and resource usage. 725 more words


Install dan konfigurasi vagrantbox

Vagrant adalah sebuah tool yang sangat luar biasa yang digunakan untuk mengolah virtual machine (Mesin virtual) dengan interface perintah sederhana. Vagrant menyertakan vagrant box sebagai paket mesin virtual yang terdiri dari banyak distro linux. 186 more words


Technical prerequisites for Bioinformatics research in R, RStudio and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Purpose of these lists is to clarify which applications and R packages need to be installed on your PC to be able to perform bioinformatics research in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS… 556 more words



After an evening of dealing poker (yes, Another, part time job) I joined the fire outside, table put away, chips locked up and shift over.  Standing around, most the people with a can of domestic beer in hand, enjoyed the unlikely pleasant October weather.  890 more words


Security advisory: Mac OS X and GNU/Linux users: update bash to protect against Shellshock exploit

Dear Mac OS X and GNU/Linux users,

It is highly recommended to update the bash shell program to protect against the Shellshock vulnerability.

Update on October 8, 2014: working patch for vulnerability CVE-2014-6277 for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS users is now available via a PPA repository (ppa:ubuntu-security-proposed/ppa). 516 more words


How to import .csv file from https URL source into R 3.1.1 or into RStudio in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Prerequisites for all platforms (Windows, Mac OSX and GNU/Linux):

First make sure that R version 3.1.1 is installed.

Prerequisites for Windows:

Install the curl binary for Windows before importing List_P_3D_data.csv. 165 more words