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How to add/set Environment Variable in Ubuntu

There are two ways to set Environment Variables in Ubuntu.

1.    This method will add/set environment variable just for current user session. For example you want to add “/home/imrankabir/.composer/vendor/bin/” to your environment variables. 163 more words


instalasi xdebug di xampp, tools untuk mencari kesalahan

instalasi xdebug di lampp pada OS ubuntu 14.04 cukup dengan menjalankan langkah2 berikut:

  1. #apt-get update
  2. #apt-get install php5-xdebug
  3. sudo nano /opt/lampp/etc/php.ini
    sisipkan baris2 berikut pada file php.ini…
  4. 35 more words
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Call for Testing: Ubuntu OpenStack Kilo-1 development milestone

The Ubuntu Server Team is pleased to announce the general availability of the first development milestone of the OpenStack Kilo release in Ubuntu 15.04 development and for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS via the… 272 more words


Guide to Installing and Running MiniDLNA on an Ubuntu Server

I have recently been experimenting with running MiniDLNA on a headless Ubuntu Server. I have written this guide to hopefully take some of the pain out of installing and configuring an amazing program. 673 more words


Install Evernote Client in Ubuntu 14.10

Everpad is an amazing open-source client for the fantastic note taking tool evernote that integrates extremely well with Unity, the default Ubuntu Desktop Environment.

The app support Unity Lens which allows you to search through your Evernotes, then click to open them for additional editing. 107 more words


setup iptable rules for transmission (torrents)

Without further addo, here it is, a working example how to configure iptables to allow transmission torrents to internet (udp 51413) + transmission remote RPC (tcp 9091, localnetwork only) + ssh (tcp 22, localnetwork only). 8 more words


Installing Oracle JDK 7 on Ubuntu 14.10

As you probably know, most games are using Java on Ubuntu an example the amazing endless game Minecraft if you don’t know minecraft, is a game about breaking and placing blocks. 68 more words