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Why Ubuntu?

Let’s start with the obvious question, why I want to use Ubuntu? Well, the answer is quite simple, I was tired with Windows, and I wanted to try other alternatives, something which is free to use. 440 more words


Linux Mint 17 Review

I installed the new Linux Mint 17, AKA Quina, and have used it for a few days. Here’s a great, in-depth blog post on it from Desktop Linux, June 1, 2014–this is just my experience with it. 329 more words


Aplikasi Sekolah Untuk Linux dengan lazarus

Kali ini saya coba membuat Aplikasi sekolah dengan Lazarus yang berjalan/di instal di Linux, Aplikasi ini saya buat dan saya Peruntukkan siystem operasi Linux, khususnya… 92 more words


Is the cloudbook the future of Linux?

It’s impossible to deny the amazing rise of Chrome OS. This Linux-based platform was the ideal solution at the ideal time. The cloud proved itself not only a viable option but, in many cases, the most optimal option. 655 more words


[Linux] ps 列出目前系統執行程序

ps 列出目前系統執行程序

1. 顯示目前系統執行中的程序
# ps ax

2. 顯示目前系統執行中的程序,一併顯示程序的擁有者
# ps aux

3. 查詢named現在是否執行中
# ps ax | grep named


Ubuntu Linux

在ubuntu安裝與啟動darwin streaming server 6.0.3

l   安裝:Ver 6.0.3

wget http://dss.macosforge.org/downloads/DarwinStreamingSrvr6.0.3-Source.tar

tar –xvf  DarwinStreamingSrvr6.0.3-Source.tar

cd DarwinStreamingSrvr6.0.3-Source

wget http://www.abrahamsson.com/dss-6.0.3.patch

wget http://dss.macosforge.org/trac/attachment/ticket/6/dss-hh-20081021-1.patch?format=raw

patch -p1 < dss-6.0.3.patch

patch -p1 < dss-hh-20081021-1.patch?format=raw

sudo ./buildtarball

cd DarwinStreamingSrvr-Linux… 26 more words

Ubuntu Linux

用PHP 取得網路資訊

gethostbyaddr — 取得主機名稱


(PHP3 , PHP4)

gethostbyaddr — 取得主機名稱

語法 : string gethostbyaddr (string ip_address)

說明 :



gethostbyname —取得網址IP

(PHP 4, PHP 5) 123 more words

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