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GOG Now Supports Linux!

Good news! GOG have added Linux to their list of supported platforms! GOG, Good Old Games,


IPv6 disabling script for Ubuntu.

Hey Guys…

Hope you are doing well here’s a small script to help you to disable IPv6 on your Ubuntu Box.

hope you will find this helpful, let me know if you face any issue with this. 144 more words

How To Install and Configure Varnish To Run with Apache 2 on Ubuntu Server

Varnish Cache is a web application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy. You install it in front of any server that speaks HTTP and configure it to cache the contents. 620 more words


Upgrading OVS on Mininet

Hello guys,

If you have installed Open vSwitch (OVS) by using installation script from Mininet, you probably installed the version 2.0. Let’s say that, you wanna upgrade to 2.1. 195 more words


Gist from linux terminal

Theres a neat trick to post gist to github using linux terminal.

Install the following app.

sudo apt-get install gist

now you can use the command…

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TRIM di Ubuntu 14.04

Secara default jika kita menggunakan SSD Samsung atau Intel TRIM bekerja otomatis, nah masalah e kulo punya OCZ Vertex III, yo wis pakai TRIM manual atau masukin ke cron job weekly. 161 more words

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