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Custom Wallpaper

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 14.10 and wanted to adorn my desktop with some new wallpapers. Usually, I find several suitable wallpapers on the web, but this time I did not. 33 more words


Fix lỗi Eclipse bị crash mỗi khi Content Assist cung cấp gợi ý trên Ubuntu 14.04

1. Mô tả lỗi:
Khi di chuột trên tên lớp, hàm hoặc khi ấn Ctrl+Space để hiển thị gợi ý, chỉ dẫn thì bị thoát Eclipse luôn… 31 more words


Chef server Basic installation on Linux

Basic recipe for build an handmade chefserver 11 on ubuntu 12


n.1 Ubuntu server v12.04 with at least 1vCPU and 1GB of RAM
internet connection… 242 more words


Ubuntu 14.04 : Add applications Such as RubyMine, Sublime not being Debian package with .sh file into Launcher

You just need to

1. Create your_app_name.desktop file in /usr/share/applications/ (or /usr/local/share/applications/depending upon your system) if you want the launcher shortcut to be available to all users. 152 more words


shopt: change additional shell optional behavior

There is a command called shopt that allows you to change additional shell optional behavior.

I use both Ubuntu and Manjaro and I noticed that sometimes bash behaved differently on Manjaro. 121 more words