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How to Ubuntu Trusty Tahr 14.04 && Kernel 3.18 RC5!

Let me digress a bit: So, what do I like about Ubuntu per se? Well, ease of everything, everything works and you can get everything you need easily.  179 more words

Square-beam me up yo!

One of my favourite icons sets must be Square-beam, it juts livens up the whole desktop and it has awesome coverage meaning that if there is an icon out-there: you betcha Square-beam would prolly have it. 71 more words

Roger that! Operation cleanup my [er' your] 'buntu how to.

You know what they say aboot cleanliness..

Open op the Terminal by doing Ctrl + Alt + T

Now copy and paste the following – but remember to plug-in your vacuum cleaner first and don’t ferget to flush. 43 more words

UBUNTU TRUSTY 14.04: How to: Privacy Enforcement..

Here follows some useful privacy related things to do if you are a rms type person (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being such a person) that happen to “must” use Ubuntu ;), and seriously you can pick your reasons why you must in private as nobody might be interested in knowing why you wish to do so after all ;)… 177 more words

Custom Wallpaper

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 14.10 and wanted to adorn my desktop with some new wallpapers. Usually, I find several suitable wallpapers on the web, but this time I did not. 33 more words


Fix lỗi Eclipse bị crash mỗi khi Content Assist cung cấp gợi ý trên Ubuntu 14.04

1. Mô tả lỗi:
Khi di chuột trên tên lớp, hàm hoặc khi ấn Ctrl+Space để hiển thị gợi ý, chỉ dẫn thì bị thoát Eclipse luôn… 31 more words