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The blog post with no name.

It was quite a full day at college, as is my Wednesday usual. I missed the bus this morning, so I ended up just getting my daily bottle of water and going straight to English. 924 more words


Well obviously I’m going to be talking to myself for the foreseeable, but I decided to create a blog because it seems kinda fun.

As someone who took the rather less travelled group of A Levels (Chemistry, Biology, Maths and strangely, business studies), I miss English more than words can explain. 612 more words

A Levels

Open day reviews: Durham University

I spent most of September going through the UCAS process again. It was somehow worth it, as I just received  unconditional offers to two out of my five choices. 881 more words


Wifi: the route(r) of all my problems.

Well, today was going alright, until about five minutes ago. The wifi has suddenly decided that we can’t be friends, so I’m posting via 3G like a heathen… Wait, it might be back in action, maybe? 753 more words

Hardest Decision

“Something unscripted is about to happen” – Wise Children by Angela Carter

The hardest decision I have made so far was to decline my place at Sheffield University. 142 more words


The Pages of Inspiration

So life feels a bit hectic at the moment, and actually spending time sitting down to blog feels like a luxury. But I always knew going back to Oxford would be busy, and it’s nice not to have the pressure of needing to finish books now, especially since I’m still under half-wiy through The Programme. 557 more words


Dropping out of University

There’s no doubt about it. It’s become a necessity by society to go to university. When I was studying at sixth form, my teachers kept telling me: “You have to go to uni or your life is over!”, or “If you don’t go uni, nobody will accept you for who you are!”. 305 more words

Drop Out