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Naruto and Sasuke Dying!? Madara's World - Naruto Shippuden 393

Naruto Shippuden 393 faces danger as Naruto’s Kurama is removed from him as well as Sasuke getting stabbed by Madara in the heart. It seems that they’re both going to die as Karin and Sakura are unable to do a single thing. 564 more words

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Madara Captures Tailed Beasts! Gaara Battles - Naruto Shippuden 392

Naruto Shippuden 392 see’s Madara’s ambitions come to life as he captures all Tailed Beasts and regains one of his Rinnegan from the hands of Obito. 459 more words

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Madara Back To Life! Zetsu Takes Obito Over - Naruto Shippuden 391

Naruto Shippuden 391 see’s Madara making his move as he uses Zetsu and eventually Obito’s powers to bring himself back to life which he promises to take the Beasts and initiate his plan. 564 more words

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