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Madara's Dark Path! First Hokage - Naruto Shippuden 369

Naruto Shippuden 369 tells the story of how the Village Hidden in the Leaf was born, to which Madara was supposed to be Hokage but then had fled in an attempt to come back and destroy it. 567 more words

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The Uchiha and Senju Alliance! Hashirama and Madara - Naruto Shippuden 368

Naruto Shippuden 368 gets underway showing both Hashirama and Madara to go through a harsh time whereby their brothers and family die to which even more hatred is born. 719 more words

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Hashirama and Madara's Friendship! Clan Wars - Naruto Shippuden 367

Naruto Shippuden 367 shows the relationship both Hashirama and Madara had when they were younger, from first meeting each other to finding out that they’re from separate clans. 835 more words

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Naruto Shipp┼źden Episode 364: Silence Speaks Many Words

The rebirth of ten-tailed beast brought a catastrophic disaster upon the five great shinobi countries. Within minutes of its re-existence, the alien creature (alien, even by Naruto’s standard) has took many lives, including characters we’re so used to seeing after following Naruto series for so long. 477 more words


Sasuke's Questions! All-Knowing Hokage's - Naruto Shippuden 366

Naruto Shippuden 366 covers Sasuke as well as the All-Knowing Hokage’s as they’re quickly asked certain questions about the past of the Leaf Village and what it means to be a Shinobi. 727 more words

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Zetsu's Plans and Kaguya's Tears! - Naruto 681

Naruto 681 calms down a little to reveal that Zetsu was behind everything from the moment Kaguya was sealed up by Hagoromo and Hamura. Zetsu who was formed from Kaguya set out to plan and bring back Kaguya to which he used all his tricks in order to revive the Rinnegan to use for Kaguya’s revival using Madara. 778 more words

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Previous Hokage's Edo Tensei! Kurama's Chakra - Naruto Shippuden 365

Naruto Shippuden 365 enters a point when Naruto as well as everyone else has the upper hand against both Obito and Madara, while at the same time Orochimaru obtains control over his hands as well as uses his Edo Tensei to revive the people who know it all, Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen and Minato! 949 more words

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