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Always learning so I can teach to change the world!

I learned very early on in my teaching career that the training I received which allowed me to teach was woefully inadequate in terms of what I was required to do and what I wanted to achieve in my classroom. 996 more words

It's (almost) break time!

With the mid semester break right around the corner, this week was a tough balance of trying to push through the final hurdle and not really caring (leaning towards losing steam and wanting to sleep through classes). 1,038 more words

Cape Town

Lessons in Sportsmanship (and some studying)

With midterms on the horizon, the 18th to 24th of August were not overly exciting. I spent far too much time with my textbooks and notes but as always, the week had some big takeaways. 1,007 more words

Cape Town

The place I've been calling home

Ever wonder where I’ve been living for the last eight months? Where I go home to after a day of classes, soccer practice, and exploring a new niche in Cape Town? 583 more words

Cape Town

My first lecture

I was contracted at the beginning of the year as an assistant lecturer for the course CHE2040S, a second year course that focuses on fluid flow and heat transfer. 834 more words


The Road Less Traveled

The Front Row has had some rough times recently. We had a meeting with our directors and with Professor Eric Wood, bringing him him up to speed with Mountain Brew. 357 more words

FreeTalk, Storify'd

A while ago, I livetweeted a ‘FreeTalk’ held by UCT’s Anarchist Collective. The talk dealt with finding a path to peace in the chaos of the Israel/Palestine regional situation, sourcing ideas and values from representatives of both sides and members of the UCT community. 44 more words