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UCT post-rugby brawl scandal: Equal Rights- Equal Fights?

The story of the UCT rugby player who hit a woman from North West University went viral amongst students all over the country. This event definitely put a very sour taste to the Varsity Cup victory in the mouths of UCT students who had been celebrating their underdog-to-champion status transition over the past year. 883 more words

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Playing catch up

I’m sorry to be so behind in my blog, it’s probably stressing me more than it’s leaving any dedicated followers in the dark. The business week of 31 March to 4 April was very chill and will not require many words to recap. 427 more words

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What can I do? I am only an actor.

The actors are frozen in their positions on stage and the pianist is playing an ominous classical (Bach? Mozart?) melody. Stark searchlights that swiftly move in between the audience and stage, blindly illuminating different audience members, disrupt the pitch darkness of the auditorium. 614 more words

Design Indaba 2014, Cape Town

Feature Article: Parking disk-holder blues

Sarah Silver, a second year film and media student, sat in the early hours of the morning of the 14 April 2014 at the University of Cape Town (UCT) uttering a sentence one grows accustomed to hearing on campus, “I’m so tired, it took me forever to get onto campus this morning”. 776 more words

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Was Love Ever Colour-Blind?

 A year after VARSITY‘s publication of the controversial Is love colour-blind?, how far have we come? Does race still define us in 2014? I certainly think so.

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Cake Sale 2 Video Blog

Guys check out our awesome team doing best! This is a video of our learnings and processes of cake sale 2. Special thanks to Thomas Jack for being a hero and letting us use his awesome music