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How to improve virtual education

What Are MOOCs Good For?

A few years ago, the most enthusiastic advocates of MOOCs believed that these “massive open online courses” stood poised to overturn the century-old model of higher education. 112 more words

Virtual Reality

Book of the Week: The Design of Everyday Things

The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman started out as The Psychology of Everyday Things, which was published in 1988. For comparison, IDEO, a famous design firm known for advocating design thinking was founded in 1991. 946 more words


Lesson: How to Use a Content Provider

Udacity – Developing Android Apps

Lesson How to Use a Content Provider notes:

  • ContentProvider presents data to external applications as one or more tables that are similar to the tables found in a relational database.
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Online Education: An Introduction

This blog project serves as a discourse tool in the larger online education world. It is a small survey of issues and theories related to online learning and its role in the future of higher education. 458 more words

College in Trouble: Still Worth It?

A recent CNN documentary, “Ivory Tower,” takes a thorough look at higher education. Having watched the documentary, here are five issues raised in the documentary about which I provide my own perspectives: 472 more words


Udacity CS046 - Intro to Java Programming: Lessons 1 - 3

Udacity CS046 – Intro to Java Programming: Lessons 1 – 3

The course: https://www.udacity.com/course/cs046

I have now completed the first 3 lessons of this course. The main topics covered were: 312 more words


Does language syntax really matters?

Well, my first question was: what programming language to start from? I chose Python because people sat it is easy to learn. After jumping into HTML and all that stuff I still like Python and will learn it one day. 736 more words