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Let's try this again?

It has been a really long time since I’ve posted anything on here. I have actually gone on quite a few trips in the mean time, but haven’t put a priority on documenting them. 138 more words

Just get started

An avid reader with literally 150+ books in the queue on kindle, 4 computer languages in progress on codecademy.com, udemy.com, udacity.com, khan academy… 294 more words


Een nieuwe manier van leren

Sinds enkele jaren is er een nieuwe manier van leren. Een die het beste van offline en online leren combineert, de MOOC. In 2014 heb ik al een blog geschreven over mijn… 26 more words


Day 3

Right now I’m on my way to my all time high score of writing in a blog! Woohoo! Okay, jubilation aside, here’s what I was up to in the past 24 hours. 598 more words


Seeding the cloud -- AWS gives credits with select edX certs

Amazon definitely wants enterprises to adopt its cloud, but it’s still wooing little startups too. This week, it said it will issue $1,000 in Amazon Web Services credit to any student who completes qualifying… 291 more words

Learning Scala

I was asked today, “let’s say I want to learn Scala.  What web references and/or books would you suggest?”  Here is what we found.

Codecademy, Code School and Udacity: no Scala… 341 more words


How to improve virtual education

What Are MOOCs Good For?

A few years ago, the most enthusiastic advocates of MOOCs believed that these “massive open online courses” stood poised to overturn the century-old model of higher education. 112 more words

Virtual Reality