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Minister of Education Summoned to Testify Before Congress

Today, Minister of Education Eyzaguirre was summoned by UDI & RN to testify before congress following tough debates about the current education reform bill. He faced off one-on-one against Representative Maria Jose Hoffman who is from the right wing, conservative party Unión Demócrata Independiente. 300 more words

Smarter growth conversation

By 2041, the Calgary region is expected to be home to 2.4 million people.

With the current record-breaking pace adding 40,000 new residents per year, one of the big questions is where all those new people are going to live. 644 more words

New Homes

Calendar java util return the wrong month

i’m trying to make GUI that allowed people to save there shifts in a calendar.
i’m trying to build my calendar using import java.uti.Calendar.
during trying to print the Month it bring me back the current month 10 instead of 11 , any suggestions? 115 more words

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The idiocy of Scotland declaring UDI

There’s been a lot of loose talk slopping around on social media recently about the possibility of Scotland declaring UDI. At first, I dismissed it as just another piece of nonsense associated with a lunatic fringe of Yes voters. 985 more words

One month post referendum

Well almost a month.

Lots of people are talking about the ‘Yes alliance’ of the SNP, Greens and the SSP banding together to win as many seats at the Westminster elections in May 2015. 182 more words


The Case for Scotland Making a Unilateral Declaration of Independence in May 2015?

By Patrick Scott Hogg

I heard of a possible unilateral declaration of Scottish Independence from the late Robin Cook MP in 1983 at the Labour Party Conference in Perth City Hall. 1,799 more words


Recent developements in Medical Device Regulatory

Medical Device Industry has various gateways that an individual device has to pass through to reach commercialization phase. One of the most important gateway being regulatory. 222 more words

Medical Device Trends