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Ambiences & Loops

Here is a small collection of some assorted ambiences and loops that have been implemented throughout the Red Square map in UDK.



This stinger was used in an AmbientSoundNonLoop actor utilizing Delay and Modulation.

This stinger was used as a danger warning in one of the alleyway traps.



This portfolio will cover the content, aesthetic, sound design, and implementation of the map I created for AIA in the UDK game development engine, called Red Square. 174 more words


Aesthetic & Implementation


This game’s aesthetic is dark, cold, and ominous. The sound design is threatening, but also somewhat neurotic, as some of the sounds seem to be in the player’s mind. 921 more words


Metroid Arm Cannon

The submitted assignment, featuring the full HUD and a /very/ basic texture with a diffuse and emissive map.

This was my second UDK assignment for my first year of University.

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Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral created in UDK as part of an assessment for University. This is what was submitted, but it is certainly not finished by my standards.

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Our Next Game...Chimera

Our next game release is “Chimera”. This game will still very much be a survival horror game, like “The Paper Room“, but some new game mechanics, as well as more polished meshes will be added. 262 more words