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IF IT FITS - Die Klasse Ikemura stellt aus bis 18. Mai 2014

Im Frühling 2014 fliegt die Klasse von Prof. Leiko Ikemura mit Koffern voll mit Kunst nach Schweden für ein Ausstellung im Streichholzmuseum in Jönköping. Getreu dem Ausstellungstitel, gilt das Motto: passt das Kunstwerk nicht in den Koffer, darf es nicht mit. 64 more words


AI character success

I currently have one AI character labelled Bill that runs around my map like a headless chicken while I attempt to kill him. Upon his defenceless death he then re-spawns outside of the field of view unseen to the player and comes running back into the map. 25 more words


Adding in bots with movement

I am now adding in AI moving bots to my level that will run around at random without weapons and the player will have to shoot at them, after this if successful the health levels of the AI bots will be altered to take only one shot kills in the game and then the gun itself can be altered to look like a western styled revolver. 22 more words


UDK Blockout.

I exported grouped panels of my modular pieces to have a quick kit to create a standard house I then copied this template around the map to create a layout based on the sketch I produced, this would allow me to have a sense of scale and positioning and see if anything looked to close together or to far apart. 80 more words


Mendel Wednesday - Behind the Scenes

Hello all! This is TJ here back to update everyone with another Mendel Wednesday post. Progress on Mendel’s Farm is going smashingly, and now that I’ve got a bit of downtime it’s about time I update our adoring fans. 369 more words


Gun Game Complete

I finally finished off the gun game for the game environment in UDK today. And I got in some valuable nDo practice while I was at it creating normals from scratch. 117 more words


Using the Oculus Rift in our Client Related Group Project.

Finally I got to have a go on an Oculus Rift today, and my first impressions of the packaged demo games where a mixed bag really; I was impressed with the level of immersiveness that I was plunged into, but was a little let down be the graphics. 95 more words