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Game World Mechanics

Following from the Assignment Game world creation the assignment was split into tasks. add in mechanics to our UDK level with a presentation and 3000 word design document and to write a 1000 word Critical Research. 115 more words

Game Design

2D GAME ART Façade

This Assignment was Part 2 of my 2D Game Art. the first part can be found under Concept Art and Education

The summary of the Assignment is as follows: 2,039 more words

Game Design

Ruuuuuundgang 2014

Ein Sonntag in Berlin – Rundgang in zwei kunstakademien – Weißensee und UDK


Landscape in UDK 3

Assets Texturing and making a landscape in UDK 3.

Texturizando Assets y haciendo un paisaje en UDK3.


Wizard Texture - UDK 3

Character Texturing and trying Particles in UDK 3

Model made by Miguel Ángel Carrillo.

Texturizado de personaje y probando las partículas de UDK 3.

Modelo realizado por Miguel Ángel Carrillo.


\infty mass flow

This is part of a site-specific project realized during my first year in Berlin, when I was absolutely fascinated and thrilled by the energy of this unconventional European capital and I wanted to discover its “secrets” as much as possible.


Development of - Flowers and other foliage!

Hello everyone! Yet another development update, this time we break down the addition of some bright new flowers.

Our old flowers were rather basic and consisted of some bland block colours, and needed an upgrade. 325 more words