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Project EHZUDK - Environment

To kick off my initial discussions on Project EHZUDK, I’d like to talk about the work I’ve done so far in my spare time on the environment. 1,135 more words

3DS Max

Regent House: Update

This the finished building with textures in the UDK editor.

3ds Max

Decisions... Decisions... Part 2: Unity3D vs. UDK

This is part 2 of “Decisions… Decisions…” encompassing some basic decisions an indie dev must consider before starting.

Part 1 can be foundĀ here. 532 more words

Indie Dev

Mendel's Farm - Overview of progression

Hello everyone! As stated in a previous post we would be doing some updates covering some of our older images and how we have progressed over time. 563 more words


Blocking Facebook, Rediscovering Games, And UDKing UDK!

Title says it all really.

I came to the realisation a long while ago that Facebook prettyyyyy much ruins your life. I go on there and procrastinate all day, I get sad about everyone else’s work, and I get angry about the number of Ice Bucket Challenges accumulating on my Newsfeed. 607 more words

Combative Chess Project

In Prototyping II, I worked with a team to create a sort of tower defense meets Chess. We never came up with a real name for the project, so I’m calling it, “Combative Chess.” It is a two player game where players upgrade pawns by defeating other pawns in order to gain better pieces. 52 more words

Completed Projects

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Dark World Project

As a kid, I played a lot of video games, but none grabbed my heart so much as the Legend of Zelda series. I still load up the original Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System and play it for old time’s sake. 219 more words