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UDK Blockout.

I exported grouped panels of my modular pieces to have a quick kit to create a standard house I then copied this template around the map to create a layout based on the sketch I produced, this would allow me to have a sense of scale and positioning and see if anything looked to close together or to far apart. 80 more words


Mendel Wednesday - Behind the Scenes

Hello all! This is TJ here back to update everyone with another Mendel Wednesday post. Progress on Mendel’s Farm is going smashingly, and now that I’ve got a bit of downtime it’s about time I update our adoring fans. 369 more words


Gun Game Complete

I finally finished off the gun game for the game environment in UDK today. And I got in some valuable nDo practice while I was at it creating normals from scratch. 117 more words


Using the Oculus Rift in our Client Related Group Project.

Finally I got to have a go on an Oculus Rift today, and my first impressions of the packaged demo games where a mixed bag really; I was impressed with the level of immersiveness that I was plunged into, but was a little let down be the graphics. 95 more words


3DS Max - UDK Glass.

This is a useful tutorial that I first used to create a modular building section that was glazed and required transparency,  the techniques shown here are good for creating transparency and multi/sub object materials such as glass bottles containing liquids and which may feature a label, etc..

3ds Max

UPDATE!!! New works in the works!!!

Ok ok, it has been a while! I am now getting my hands back on the mouse and starting a new project, The Ivory tower from the Neverending Story! 79 more words

Der UdK-Absolvent Nik Nowak erhält den GASAG Kunstpreis 2014

Der in Berlin tätige Künstler und UdK-Alumnus Nik Nowak (*1981 Mainz) erhält den GASAG Kunstpreis 2014. Die Auszeichnung wurde am 9. April 2014 zum dritten Mal in Kooperation mit der Berlinischen Galerie vergeben. 206 more words