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Japan Chronicles II

Finally sorting out my photos from Tokyo, and so far these are the images I have interest in.

I’ll probably go out shooting the CBD today, I haven’t been doing it for two weeks straight. 18 more words


July 31st

Power and telephone lines criss-cross above the narrow alley like barbed wire. They create an artificial ceiling between the two railroads above. I sit at a table beneath this modern trellis, in the shade of the wires and a step removed from the endless foot traffic that characterized the streets of Tokyo. 893 more words



Ever since I got back from Taiwan, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the food. So today, I headed up to Ueno with another Taiwanese-American friend to grab some lunch from the stalls in Ameyoko. 563 more words


[Jepang] Kebun Binatang Ueno


Setelah sekian lama tulisan mengenai perjalanan saya ke Jepang sedikit banyak terputus, kini saya kembali lagi dengan sajian yang menyegarkan hati (apeu). Mohon maaf sekali sebelumnya rangkaian posting saya selama di Jepang sempat menyedihkan statusnya. 711 more words



As much as I love my small, rural hometown in Australia, nothing can compare to some of the incredible opportunities living in the city gives you. 610 more words

Tokyo City

Sundries (Part One)

I say part one only because I have a fair amount of miscellaneous photos with very little overall theme to tie them together. But since you’re ‘there’ and not ‘here,’ I expect photos would be of great interest (pictures, thousand words, etc.). 1,007 more words


Tokyo National Museum, Akabane Hanabi Kai, Tsukiji Festival

October 11, Saturday

Class. I totally did not realize I had a test this day. I paid for it, but I will still be able to pass this class, yes I will. 760 more words