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Day 46: Frick Collection College Night

Although I knew I’d be waking up at 6 am the next day for the Lang Youth retreat, when I found out the Frick Collection… 282 more words


Kappo Masa Opening on UES

Larry Gagosian is a globally known art dealer who is very important in his field. He owns a chain of his own galleries of which the flagship gallery is found on Maddison Avenue and 76th Avenue. 226 more words

Local Market Buzz


wednesdays are wine night.

Or so I just decided.  Indulge in a glass and think about the past few days and look forward to the next.   188 more words


keep moving.

keep moving, nyC

NYC is an extremely fast paced moving city.  Whether it is just walking down the street, in the supermarket or at work we are constantly working at a pace that is 10x faster than most.   191 more words


yom kippur 2014

yom kippur.

25 hours of atonement to reflect on the past year.  Services last night were eye opening.  The prayers hit me this year more than in the past.   192 more words


Day 264

View of the pink sunset from my apartment window.