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Come and Knock on Our Door

I’ve lived in NYC for almost 14 years and have always had the good fortune of finding great places to live.  That’s not to say, the people surrounding me made the experience an entirely pleasurable one.  420 more words


Breaking the Chains

Mom and Pop shops are so 2004.  Chain stores have taken over the city.  You can’t trip without landing in front of a Starbucks, Walgreens or Subway.   538 more words


Bananas and candycorn? Yes I Say!!

At first glance this is a corn on the cob……but then….you realize….(and read!! Lol)….that it’s a banana and candycorn!! It’s beautiful yes?? YES I SAY!!


Day 236

Love my daily walk past these puppies in the window, but this lady is, by far, my favorite.


Day 234

Laundry and book reading outside in wait.


"Uno hacía cosas de grande porque tenía que vivir, pero seguía sintiendo como un chico." // "You did grown-up things because you had to survive, but you still felt like a child."

Claudia Alejandra Calcagno

Desaparecida/Disappeared: 15 de abril de 1977/April 15, 1977

Edad/Age: 17

Estado actual/Current status: Asesinada/assassinated

Historia relatada por/History told by: María Cecilia Calcagno (la melliza de Claudia/Claudia’s twin) 11,968 more words