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Bananas and candycorn? Yes I Say!!

At first glance this is a corn on the cob……but then….you realize….(and read!! Lol)….that it’s a banana and candycorn!! It’s beautiful yes?? YES I SAY!!


"Uno hacía cosas de grande porque tenía que vivir, pero seguía sintiendo como un chico." // "You did grown-up things because you had to survive, but you still felt like a child."

Claudia Alejandra Calcagno

Desaparecida/Disappeared: 15 de abril de 1977/April 15, 1977

Edad/Age: 17

Estado actual/Current status: Asesinada/assassinated

Historia relatada por/History told by: María Cecilia Calcagno (la melliza de Claudia/Claudia’s twin) 11,968 more words

UES Gems: Hummus Kitchen


This one is for the hummus lovers out there – I have been aching to eat here since moving to the UES and passing it on the way to get froyo at 16 Handles. 349 more words


UES Gems: Kinsale Tavern


 Ever since the roomie & I moved out of Riverdale the Bronx, into East Harlem/ UES, we’ve noticed that the ‘nabe doesn’t seem to strike locals or tourists with the same vigor like its downtown counterpart, or Hoboken for that matter. 366 more words


No Meat, No Problem

Last weekend, Kristina caught up with a good friend over a delicious vegan brunch. Here’s what she had to say…

Candle 79 is just what I needed to get out of my eggs benedict for brunch rut. 147 more words


Day 217

Homemade burgers on the roof. Happy Friday!


Rebecca Seawright Calls for Zero Tolerance With Sexual Harrasment in Albany

At her campaign office’s opening event, Albany hopeful Rebecca Seawright promised to be a stark contrast to her predecessor.

“We should have absolutely no tolerance for sexual harassment. 369 more words