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Real UFO With Aliens Caught On Camera

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I’am petty sure this is a hoax, but at least the guy that made the video put a little effort in, this actually looks quite realistic unlike some.

UFO Sightings

Friday Street Walk - Rendlesham Forest

This is Friday Street walk, as you can probably guess from the title of the post! The start of the walk is tucked away behind RAF Bentwaters and features a long road through that will take you to Butley. 290 more words


Mythical Monday: The Hopkinsville Goblins by Mae Clair

On a summer night in August of 1955, Billy Ray Taylor, a native of Pennsylvania was visiting his friend, Lucky Sutton of Kentucky. Lucky lived on a farm tucked between the towns of Kelly and Hopkinsville, a rural homestead that lacked electricity and running water. 501 more words

Mythical Monday

Another UFO on NASA live stream suggests ISS is under alien observation

The International Space Station’s (ISS) live stream has again captured what appears to be aUFO in close proximity. In a video uploaded to Youtube on November 3 by UFO Sightings Daily, the UFO slowly appears and disappears as the live stream camera is pointed earthward. 521 more words


Reported UFO Sighting in Wanaka Could Be A Daylight Meteor

A glowing silver object observed going down from the western sky on weekend afternoon was possibly a rarely spotted daylight meteor.

Around 12 people coming from at least 6 different areas claimed to have witnessed the falling strange object between 2.45pm and 3pm on weekend. 178 more words

UFO Sightings

A Few of the best UFO sightings for 2014

So far, there have a few thousand reports world-wide of otherwise difficult to explain UFO sightings. Many are explainable, or simply misidentified, while a select few are truly remarkable.  168 more words

Incredible TR-3B Spacecraft Over Eau Claire, Wisconsin

This is simply amazing. -LW

Other UFO videos:

UFO Photographed On Comet 67P Churyumov Gerasimenko By The Rosetta Spacecraft.

Mister UFO News: Powerfull X1 Solar Flare Erupts On September 10th, 2014. 459 more words

What's Happening In The Heavens

For All reblogged this on An End Once And For All and commented:

Wow, one of the best videos I have ever seen of a UFO, especially during the day and so close. Personally, I believe this is a government craft, probably a secret division of the USAF (United States Air Force). This does not at all looked doctored up or edited to me. The lighting, movement and everything look on par with the surroundings and time of day. Excellent proof. Credit again to Light Worker. - For All