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UFO 'Five Miles Wide' Caught Hovering Above The Ocean In NASA Image...

“This shows a massive stealth black disk over the ocean. The dimensions are almost perfect. Streetcap1 of Youtube found this one and I have to say its beyond words. 188 more words


Fleet Of UFOs Hide In Cloud, Normandy Sept 2014,

Date of sighting: Sept 2014

Location of sighting:  Normandy, France

A large percentage of UFOs reported and recorded are white balls. Sometimes they look solid, but most the time they appear as glowing light. 152 more words


On the subject of Bigfoot being an inter-dimensional entity...

Here’s a great Mysterious Universe article from paranormal researcher and author Nick Redfern. It nicely summarizes the more paranormal aspects of Bigfoot encounters. Check it out: Bigfoot: An Inter-Dimensional Entity.


My longest running WIP/UFO is now complete!

I started this quilt at least 5 years ago when I was going on holiday to stay in a cabin by the beach. I knew I would not have a sewing machine and both my children still had nap time during the day, so I prepared and took with me this hand sewing project. 269 more words


Episode 1 - The Only Prescription? My Brother's Urine!


Episode description:

Supplements / What is Athiesm? / Christian Rock / Teaching Creationism in the UK / Applied Kinesiology / UFO Sightings / Eyewitness Testimony / Beer Myths / 10 more words


I can't feel your presence anymore...

Another quick post, I do apologise but quite a few will be, I’ve been super busy in rl atm, so haven’t had time for the credits :/, if you have any questions message me inworld or on here or wherever you want lol :D… 50 more words

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