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UFO watch (Episode 02 - Computer Affair)

Written by Tony Barwick
Directed by David Lane

After Interceptor 1 is destroyed in a collision with a UFO, Straker calls the relevant personnel back to Earth.  341 more words

Gerry Anderson

UFO watch (Episode 01 - Indentified)

Written by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson with Tony Barwick
Directed by Gerry Anderson

The first notable thing about this episode is that it opens with a graphic murder – as we see a woman’s bullet-ridden body slump to the ground. 401 more words

Gerry Anderson

Gerry Anderson's UFO (ITC 1970-1971). Series Introduction

Gerry Anderson’s first foray into television live action drama was this fondly remembered series, created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson and Reg Hill.

UFO is set some ten years in the future and depicts a world coming under increasing attack from a mysterious race of aliens.  640 more words

Gerry Anderson

Pennsylvania Police Baffled After Witnessing UFO

A Pennsylvania woman captured what she believes was a UFO on her cell phone camera says she is “scared to death now.”

The UFO Caught on Camera was not only reported by this particular eye-witness. 273 more words

Alien Disclosure

UFO's Gone Nuclear

An intriguing look into UFO behavior and patterns reveals a common occurrence that centres around active nuclear facilities. Ufologists are able to decipher a clear indication that nuclear technology has been studied for decades by suggested extraterrestrial forms of life in our airways. 1,183 more words

Alien Disclosure

What is an UAP (Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomenon)?

For many people, an atmospheric phenomenon is either explainable through our current knowledge, or it is necessarily of extraterrestrial origin.

This irrational dichotomy has hindered any serious, open and non-dogmatic discussion about the existence of not-understood aerial phenomena from happening. 94 more words