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Attitudes to UGC on a Local Level

All three local news editors interviewed in my research agreed that UGC is helpful to the newsroom and has made them much quicker when responding to breaking news in order to be the authoritative source disseminating that news to the public. 541 more words

Fifty Pictures of Snow? Local Journalists as Gatekeepers

Sifting through fifty pictures of snow? Is this the new role of the local journalist?

Journalism can be seen to be much more laborious than it ever was due to the increasing use of UGC. 627 more words

What do we mean by UGC?

So what exactly do we mean by UGC when it comes to local news. Most local journalists elicit user generated content by using words such as ‘have your say’ or ‘send us your pictures’. 413 more words

UGC's new guidelines - developed educations standards or just a speed breaker?

The drafting of new guidelines by the UGC, a few months back, has caused a little academic buzz around the country. This new regulation has been welcomed by many and yet critically not so much appreciated by some. 554 more words


The Road to Idioacracy

Take a look at this picture and pick out something that stands out to you.

Take another look now and count the number of advertisements or “branded” elements you see…I count seven.   217 more words

HTC One - Blah Blah Blah

Watch this commercial recently put out by HTC and tell me what you think in means:

To me, it shows the value HTC puts on on social media marketing and UGC (user generated content).   245 more words