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Jumping off an airplane

I have come to the realization in the last few years of my life that I have a good amount of social anxiety. Of course, this is completely self-diagnosed and I have not bothered to look up a proper definition of the term. 374 more words


flee away?!?

dear blog, today a really superficially cute guy smiled at me and my first instinct was to stand up and walk away. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?????? 8 more words

I should probably start the bittersweet process in conditioning myself to wake up at 5 in the lovely A.M. for college transportation purposes.


I'm Naming this Post "Eternal Sunshine" for Absolutely No Reason

Eternal Sunshine. For whatever reason, that’s what I’m thinking about right now. Like, not the movie. Or really, not even the concept. I’m just thinking about what those words sound like. 335 more words


Annoyed Cellular Devices

As I stared at my other cell, my activated one I felt a pounding in my chest & slight irritation but mostly a headache.

Literally, a nerve wracking headache, but I knew I had work in a few hours & would have liked to tell my friend all about it like a schoolgirl. 150 more words


The Everwhat

The Everwhat of What do I do?

Maybe I should write one of those cheesy and clichéd and repetitive and boring and redundant and cheesy and clichéd and repetitive and boring stories about infinite love and complete faith in crazy and imperfect yet inexplicably good-looking strangers who fill teen and preteen girls all over the world with high expectations of prince charming and when reality hits them like a truck that’s been honking for the last few hours turns into clichéd and boring and unoriginal and overly melodramatic oh-somebody-dies-don’t-say-bad-stuff-if-someone-kills-themself stories where only the names of the protagonists keep authors from getting caught for plagiarism. 355 more words



Sometimes it takes my mind a while to grasp the fact that one word can ruin a person’s evening. I suppose this is a direct connection to the moody lunatics that I have written about last year. 43 more words