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The Struggle is REAL…

Well for starters, I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. I kinda get on these kicks where I feel like writing and then others where all I wanna do is drink wine and sleep. 136 more words

sister tag (doing it with the bff BECAUSE SWAG)

Me = her describing me Friend : me describing her

1. How and when did you meet?- yr 4-5
2. What’s your favorite memory together?- on her birthday saying THAT IS UNUSUALL coz it was like 1 and her clock randomly lit up… 192 more words

Pet Pals

This is a really bad video. We just could not make any good jokes, but we still had to talk about this crappy little movie.

Kiddie Table Reviews


me and one of my friends read fan-fic about youtubers all afternoon…. yay what a waste of time! ugh how pathetic 

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"Do you realize what you've done?" - Blaming The Victim.

The six words stringed together to form a sentence;
Of bubbling, acid, poisonous liquid that spilled out of the mouth of the one who first felt my beating heart. 146 more words

Days 89 and....90!!

Hi all,

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday.  I did the squat challenge and that was my WOD.  Then I went to dinner with coworkers and crashed when I got home (I fell asleep to Mean Girls….what a treat :) ) 128 more words