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I Hate Flying

Tell me something, reader: Do you like flying? If so, then please explain to me why because I absolutely hate it. For those of you lucky enough to never feel the anxiety from flying, let me help you understand. 1,356 more words



I’m sorry I just need to vent. Why the hell is it that I can want something to better myself but all I get from them is ” I don’t recommend it because it’s just going to cost you more” or “come home and do what your family expects of you” or “blow a crap ton of money on something you want but basically kill yourself to make it work and it basically still won’t be yours” I mean isn’t family supposed to be supporting??? 466 more words

Betty Bummer

Today I am Betty Bummer.

I suffer from PTSD from my childhood trauma, and I get triggered by a lot of things. I have days that I am still angry and hurt and feel betrayed and even owed….because of my soup of emotions I make mistakes, and  I tend to learn my lessons the hard way. 719 more words

Just Be

Monday: A Haiku

Opening shift. Sliced
finger. Exploded pen. A
double. Got the case.

Random Fantage Stuff

So I was talking about Fantage ( well not rlly ) and I wanted to show you some pictures from there. Some of them are very funny to me. 39 more words

Random Posts


Mahirap ipaliwanag na kung minsan ang pinakakailangan ay hindi ang pinaka-importante sa akin.

Pero syempre susunod pa rin dahil wala naman na akong lakas pa para makipagtalo at magpaliwanag, lalo pa’t hindi ka naman nakikinig.



A Little Oblique

Well then…

Sitting in class,
I didn’t do anything in the previous period, mostly just sat there, someone asked me a question on tumblr after I reblogged a post (send ask and I can only answer yes or no), I probably shouldn’t have done that because what I got was “would you ever do a long distance relationship”, it caught me by surprise and I kind of freaked out, because our brains make assumptions, like are they getting at something, are there implications, yes, they were anonymous, I may have been able to answer if they weren’t but I was like omfg oh no, so I said yes. 690 more words

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