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The Chicks: Opposites Attract.

So, I, Chick A, received a small award at work today for putting together this weekly raffle to raise morale…I forwarded the notification I received to Chick E…I was VERY excited. 382 more words

She sit questioning herself

It’s 7pm and I’ve spent the whole day in bed.

Canceled an appointment, skipped out on volunteering, didn’t do any studying.

I am not depressed. Right? 85 more words


I'm in Boston!

it’s so cold here! I almost didn’t want to go shopping!!

messy kitchens & heads.

when the kitchen’s a mess
my head’s a mess
when my head’s a mess
the kitchen’s a mess.

i can’t escape this vicious cycle. 

Scholarships and Meteor Shower Update

I am a senior in high school. It’s a mess actually because I need scholarships. Desperately. Unfortunately, financial aid is often geared towards those who can’t even really afford a house and I’m in upper middle class living. 166 more words


Leave me alone Ray....

Okay so that date last week… I thought it was mutual that there wasn’t much there. 


he keeps texting me…

and keeps texting…. 70 more words


Do you ever think that you and someone is quite close but the more you talk to them, the less it seems to be. He doesn’t know anything about you, he doesn’t know your dislikes, your interests, the types of people you like. 152 more words