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"But the tragedy is that she's actually pretty!"

How many times have you seen that argument come in television shows, books, or movies?

To be fair to mainstream US culture, it does seem to be aware that lots of girls and women have issues with their appearance. 296 more words

Beauty Standards

Why Does This Matter?

Good question, judgmental person who lives in my head!

There are certainly worse forms of oppression in the world than being judged “ugly.” And if you want to skip over this issue entirely, I won’t blame you. 280 more words

Beauty Standards

Horror Business: Lindsay Hunter

Horror Business is a novel I that wrote. It’s coming out in February 2015. Horror movies play a huge role in the narrative.

“Horror Business” is a sporadic column where I ask influential/invaluable writers and people of interest the following question: What scene from a movie has scared/troubled/shaken you the most? 426 more words


Top 10 Ugly girls on twitter Nigeria

Call it hate, Call it Love. If you’re the bait then hate the love. My poem writing skills. Literature was so much fun back then you know. 743 more words

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