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Mirror/wallet I thrifted and added to.

The Worst Pictures of Kenyon Ever Taken

While doing my bi-weekly check of a tumblr page devoted to the worst cats, I started to get upset. Damn upset.The pictures of those awful, awful kitties reminded me of many genuinely horrific photos of Kenyon I had come across while surfing the great tidal wave that is the World Wide Web. 302 more words


Does Living In Aberdeen Make You Dismal..?

It was reported in the Evening Express that the city of Aberdeen has been nominated for an award – the annual Carbuncle Awards which seeks Scotland’s most dismal town. 102 more words


Fashion Kills- 5 ugliest fashion trends !

The Fashion Post from an old-fashioned Man!

There seems to be great unrest  and a great rush everywhere …human beings are in mad haste to  reach somewhere , become somebody , to achieve something and they think all this can be done by following others blindly. 590 more words


The Worst Part about Malaise

The worst part about malaise is passing it on to your kids. I can already see how my kids are affected, and it scares the liver out of me. 358 more words

What I Learned From An Ugly Pumpkin

I have been absolutely obsessed with pumpkin this fall.

pumpkin brownies

pumpkin spice cookies

decorative pumpkins

You know the one thing I hadn’t been able to make yet? 207 more words