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A nod to awful beginnings

I grew up in a broken household with an alcoholic father that I barely remember because that’s how quickly he was out of my life. I was home schooled from first grade until the middle of sixth grade to accommodate my fragile mental state caused by my father’s drunken rage and ongoing custody battles over my younger sister and I. 466 more words


Body Image: That thing in the Mirror

This is something I’ve been meaning to talk about for a while now, and I realized that I really should after having heard the both of you recently mention it. 901 more words

Will power

Tonight was the first time i stood up and said “no” to eating too late. My mother wanted to eat a sandwich at 10 this evening. 322 more words


People don’t like ugly people.  People definitely don’t like ugly situations.  People don’t want to see ugly …and when all you’ve got is an ugly situation raring around inside of you, well, it feels like you are invisible. 510 more words



Chores are one of those things that you know your kids need but it just seems easier to let them have fun while you do it because its faster. 352 more words

God loves ugly

Have you ever stared at yourself in the mirror thinking you are ugly, unloveable, filled with self-hatred?

The good news about that statement is that God loves you even through that! 148 more words