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dear god, make me a bird so i can fly far, far far away.

or the five times i have thought about being ugly;

1. One year, you can’t remember which exactly but you’re still in Secondary School, you agree to take a friend to Notting Hill Carnival. 1,095 more words


when you're ugly, you're wrong

Even if you’re only a little bit right, when you get ugly, you’re wrong.


I’m sorry if someone doesn’t like it, but even if it’s your apartment and you pay the bills something being out overnight and drug back in the morning is not lacking in standards. 580 more words

An ode to my feet

But why should I call my feet ugly?

I know they’re a bit bigger than a lot of other girls’

My toenails, they break easily and often… 280 more words


my hair

My hair is so skanky like weed, I want to pull it out seriously. I hate it so much why is it even there? I hate my stupid hair. 86 more words

no. just, no.

sebuah gambar yang dihasilkan akibat kebosanan dan pelampiasan fansgirling-an oleh flee.

iya, saya tahu itu jelek kok. saya tahu.


For me, the idea of society is one very different from the idea of community. A community is generally a happy and accepting place, whereas society is often portrayed in a negative light, especially aspects such as pressure from the media and your peers. 327 more words

Blog Posts

The Past

I cringe when I happen to read the posts I’ve written in the past, or when I am notified by wordpress that someone read a certain post that really ought to belong in the past. 346 more words