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Your Words, Not Mine

This is me surrendering

This is me acknowledging I’m in over my head

This is me being vulnerable because you thought I had a pride problem… 89 more words


Lets talk about this "new place"

    So, since we’re still talking about my earlier stages of high school, for this post we’ll stick to the topic of “freshman”. As a side note, all four of my years brought different emotions. 565 more words


Measurement after 16 days...

So July 11th I took these measurements:

upper part of arms: 12.5 in each (the fattest part)
lower part of arms (between elbow & hands): 10 in each (fattest part) 161 more words

Son refuses to see mom because she’s “too ugly”, but is that the whole story?

There is nothing more exciting than the birth of a child. Everyone wants to celebrate the exciting occasion, especially grandma, and nothing is more fun than having a child you can spoil whenever you want but leave all the crying to the parents. 635 more words


Cosmetic Contempt

I used to love wearing my mom’s makeup. In prepubescent years, I was always getting in to her blackest black mascara and dusty rose blush. I remember standing next to her in the bathroom and hoping that I would grow up quick so I could wear makeup. 793 more words


More means ... more ...

As I spend more time in here reading others blogs, seeing what others offer, learning from what I see, enjoying what I find, I have decided that I need to give more in here too … 78 more words


Just me

HAHA wasn’t feeling very sober at all after the drinking and dinner. Managed to stumble my way home. And here i’m in this damn toilet looking how fugly i would have been looking on the way home. 129 more words