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Ascl2 Acts as an R-spondin/Wnt-Responsive Switch to Control Stemness in Intestinal Crypts

Bhaskar Chanda Stem Cell The Wnt signaling pathway controls stem cell identity in the intestinal epithelium, but it has remained unclear how the continuous Wnt gradient is translated into discrete cell type specification. 33 more words


The NAD-Dependent SIRT1 Deacetylase Translates a Metabolic Switch into Regulatory Epigenetics in Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells

Bhaskar Chanda Stem Cell Connecting metabolic cues to stem cell activity via epigenetic regulation: Sartorelli and colleagues show that during activation, satellite cells undergo a metabolic switch that leads to decreased intracellular NAD+, reduced SIRT1 deacetylase activity, elevated H4K16 acetylation, and an increase in muscle-related gene expression. 14 more words

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Tolerance Induction and Reversal of Diabetes in Mice Transplanted with Human Embryonic-Stem-Cell-Derived Pancreatic Endoderm

Bhaskar Chanda Stem Cell Szot et al. demonstrate that targeting T cell costimulatory pathways prevents rejection of xenogeneic human embryonic-stem-cell-derived pancreatic endoderm (hESC-PE) in mice and allogeneic hESC-PE in humanized mice. 33 more words