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The difference between a UX Designer and UI Developer

I’ve recently found myself trying to explain the difference between the skills I bring to a project as a UX Designer and why I’m not able to cover the role of a dedicated UI Developer. 1,012 more words


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Here is a nice article explaining the different roles/skills behind the scenes in creating a website. UX, UI, web designer, web developer are all terms, often used interchangeably, you may see when looking to hire a a firm to design your website. Taking a minute to understand the different skill sets will certainly help you make a more informed decision.

How the MTA Introduced the Touch Screen to New York City

In a recent piece for Next City writer and illustrator Aaron Reiss looks at the design of the MTA’s automated ticket kiosk. As a germaphobe, Reiss hates the amount of screen-touching the MTA kiosk requires, but as he investigates the history of the machine and meets with its creator he begins to understand the reasoning behind the design: 306 more words


Adobe Marketing Style Frames

Here’s a few styleframes I did for Adobe for their Marketing Cloud. There were no guidelines, but the client explained they liked thin lines and information graphics and I thought it would be safe to assume that whatever I ended up designing, would have to be a container for large amounts of data, text and company logos which turned out to be true. 34 more words

Android DPI Cheatsheet

To support the myriad types of screen hardware, Android uses DPI system to define the size of images. (DPI means Dot per Inch)


Gallery control for the Ribbon

This time an update to the ribbon control. I’ve done some tweaks to the UI as well as to the API and added a new control called a Gallery. 114 more words