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Windows key in Linux Mint Mate, keycodes

showkey (must be run in virtual console, not under graphical user interface*):

‘Windows key’ (left): keycode 125

‘Enter’: keycode 28

HP Compaq nx6310


Bootstrap Auto-active Navigation link Helper

module ApplicationHelper

  # Generates Bootstrap-style <li> link path
  # applying "active" if needed
  def nav_link_to(link_text, link_path, another_class="")

    class_name = current_page?(link_path) ? "active" : ""
    class_name += " #{another_class}"
    content_tag(:li, class: class_name) do
    link_to link_text, link_path


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Symbol Crash

The stock market is a funny thing. It is a simple idea РI buy a share in a company so that I enjoy a tiny bit of the profits (or have to undergo part of the loss) Рthat has had a number of layers placed upon it to both obfuscate its workings (intentionally, in my opinion) and create more opportunities to squeeze out a bit more profit. 878 more words

For a while I’ve been having this debate with myself about whether our jobs as UX designers are merely about compromising a UCD-orientated solution for business, user & tech requirements (which we’ve mostly been doing so far); or about understanding tech and business requirements only as much as it aids a an idealised UCD-orientated experience (as all industry trends seem to suggest). 778 more words

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Is Android The New Windows?

My guess is, it is.

A bit of background on my perspective. 

Before the advent of pervasive Windows,Computing was weird – software was coupled with hardware in a hard to use expensive and complex UX. 170 more words

Second Sun upgrade tree

I rather like the look of the upgrade tree in Infamous: Second Sun. It looks like a mind map/flowchart, with all the extra abilities arranged around the core powers. 20 more words

University Work

Blackberry Is Entering The Mobile Assistant Game

Recently Microsoft released Cortana, a rival to Google Now and Siri however they won’t be the only company to come into the game with a personal voice assistant. 237 more words