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Defence With A "C": The Russian Bear Cometh!

From Chris at Defence with a C:

Russia has spent the last decade talking about programs to upgrade its armed forces and spend more money on things like training, logistics and maintenance.

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DAX and Footsie show resilience

Germany’s DAX is retracing in a flag pattern after several weeks of healthy advance. Rising 21-day Twiggs Money Flow indicates medium-term buying pressure. Continuation is likely and breach of resistance at 9800 would indicate another test of 10000. 102 more words

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Europe uneasy

Weekly highlights:

  • The Dollar is strengthening
  • Treasury yields (long-term) are rising
  • Gold and crude oil are falling
  • European stocks are bearish
  • US stocks remain bullish…
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European resistance

Germany’s DAX found resistance at 9700/9800. Recovery of 13-week Twiggs Money Flow above zero indicates short-term buying pressure, but the long-term signal remains bearish. Reversal below 9300 would warn of another test of primary support at 9000. 108 more words

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Aussie Dollar & Yen break support

Dollar strength is affecting not only gold and commodities, but even the strongest of the currency crosses.

The Aussie Dollar broke support at $0.92 against the greenback, warning of a correction. 109 more words

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Richard Koo: Revitalizing the Eurozone without Fiscal Union, April 2012

Richard Koo in a 2012 paper identifies 3 challenges facing the eurozone:

The current crisis in the eurozone consists essentially of two macroeconomic problems and one capital flow problem.

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David Cameron can’t help the No campaign.... | The Guardian

Charle Brooker on David Cameron and Scotland’s independence referendum:

Cameron can’t help here, of course. In Scotland, David Cameron is less popular than Windows 8. He’s the physical embodiment of everything a fair percentage of Scottish people hate: a ruddy-faced old Etonian walking around like he just inherited the place, sporting a permanently shiny chin as though he’s just enjoyed a buttery crumpet in front of the cricket….

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