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'UKIP Calypso' marks another victory for Farage

Nigel Farage has done it again; it’s irrelevant that the world woke up to the news that Mike Read had withdrawn his song, everyone knew about it anyway. 558 more words

Billions schmillions

It’s no wonder the British think they’re getting a raw deal from the EU. The front page of today’s Times reports on a revision of the membership contributions of various member states. 153 more words


Britain's mental health provision: a crisis in need of intervention

Originally published by Contributoria August 2014.

Last year, the Mental Health (Discrimination) Act 2013, was formally enacted, with leading mental health charity, Bipolar UK lauding it as a “major step in the quest to break down the prejudice surrounding mental health”. 1,198 more words

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British Generals Admit Afghan Failure

This important news story was number 10 on the BBC UK’s website earlier today; 7 stories below the death of Alvin Stardust.

Years after these “Generals” (of course there is no such thing as ex-Generals) made some extremely bad calls for the sake of British foreign policy in Afghanistan, they have come forward and admitted their failings on a BBC programme. 514 more words


UK Politics: Pop Quiz - WHO AM I?

I was initially regarded as a joke by the majority; the middle classes allowed me access to bigger platforms more as an amusement and for entertainment, at first. 153 more words

Real Life

We ought not to dismiss Russell Brand's calls for revolution so flippantly.

(Promotional image from Brand’s Messiah Complex)

Ever since Russell Brand positioned himself as a revolutionary on Newsnight last year, the internet has divided itself into two camps. 1,289 more words

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Of course UKIP were going to do well in Clacton, the establishment consoled themselves after Douglas Carswell eviscerated the Tories in his thumping by-election victory… 2,170 more words