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Douglas Carswell defects to UKIP

A pretty momentous event last week.

I read two excellent pieces on it and on him:

My latest @telegraph column on @DouglasCarswell defection to UKIP…

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Is the Labour bubble incapable of having a grown up debate on the EU and immigration?

‘Ignored for years by a cosmopolitan, educated and progressive elite, they took a collective decision in the face of ridicule and condescension to turn out in force.’ This is how… 661 more words

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Dear Scotland,

Please don’t leave us. We can talk? Please. If you leave us, in all probability, we’ll be permanently stuck with a Tory government, or even worse: UKIP taking over things… 65 more words


Prime Minister Cameron Warns Against Britain’s Greatest Ever Terror Threat

Taking a lead on the ISIS threat British Prime Minister said more armed police will patrol Britain’s streets to counter the threat posed by fanatics returning from Iraq and Syria. 668 more words


Scottish independence to maximise democracy?

For 34 of the 68 years since 1945, Scotland has been ruled by governments that were elected by fewer than half of Scottish constituencies. The House of Lords, whose members are not elected by, or representative of, the Scottish people, hold significant power over the people of Scotland; with a single Member of the House of Lords having more say over the welfare system in Scotland, than the whole of the Scottish Parliament. 866 more words


And So It Goes...#518

It’s such a tough career being a totally deranged warmongering sonofabitch ; especially one with a proven track record of bombing and massacring people and countries right across the globe. 219 more words

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When Will Labour Be Honest About Private Schools?

Another day, another “revelation” that Britain is a deeply elitist, socially segregated country thanks to the harmful influence of private schools and their irritating habit of setting their students up to succeed with a good education and useful network of influential contacts. 1,526 more words