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Standards In English Schools Part I: The introduction of the National Curriculum and GCSEs

The Introduction to this series of blogs, HERE, sets out the background and goals.

There are many different senses in which people discuss ‘standards’. Sometimes they mean an overall judgement on the performance of the system as judged by an international test like PISA. 11,621 more words

UK Politics

Campaign Update: 100 Days to Go

With 100 days until the General Election (this could drag on a bit) the four main parties are fully in campaign mode today.

Campaign updates: 213 more words

Coalitions and the power of ideas

Britain’s nascent Green Parties took a bashing at the weekend, as the mainstream media rounded on them determined to show that they were hopelessly impractical, a bunch of hippyish dreamers. 953 more words


Vote No to Referendums!

Dear Prime Minister,

I have a serious question for you. Why did you give Scotland a referendum on leaving the UK, and why are you now promising one in relation to our membership of the European Union? 597 more words


Parking violations in a democracy

A throwaway comment by Andrew O’Hehir in Salon, in an article about the fascist overtones of recent police challenges to civilian authority in New York, reminded me of one of the things that has long mystified me about the psychology of automobilism. 395 more words


Labour council refuses to honour Margaret Thatcher

Although she is Grantham’s most famous daughter, Labour councillors who run the town have no intention of letting local people honour Margaret Thatcher and have just rejected a proposal to name a new bypass after her. 33 more words