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Does Britain Need a State Religion?

By Steven Kettell

This blog first appeared at the Crick Centre, University of Sheffield on the 18th December, 2014.

Those pesky illiberal secularists are at it again. 961 more words

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Fabrication In BBC Panorama

Image by….johnhilley.blogspot.co.uk

Here’s more proof of the BBC lies and deceit, LINK Below. UK Taxpayers are forced to fund this organisation to the cost of  £3.600.000.000  yearly. 384 more words

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UKIP calling for debate on immigration

What the Papers Say (Spalding Guardian)

UKIP’s newly adopted parliamentary candidate for South Holland and The Deepings is calling for a public debate on the impact of immigration in the constituency. 87 more words


Game of thrown-ups!

What should Alex Salmond get for Christmas? I would say a large reality check with a good measure of humility on the side. In his mind, however, he already has the second-best present on his list ticked off. 351 more words

Politics - The Girl Who Kicked The Ballot Box

Conservatives Should Not Apologise For Wanting To Shrink The State

“Tories pull into four point lead over Labour” proclaims the headline in today’s Telegraph, citing an Ipsos MORI poll that put the Conservatives on 33 per cent to Labour’s 29. 1,600 more words


Osborne and the '1938 state'?

Ed Miliband seemed confident and assertive at the final PMQs of the year. There are two lines he seems to have settled on (we’ll see if they survive Christmas and New Year re-thinks) going into election season. 1,007 more words

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Punch & Judy: Is British Politics an Awful Pantomime Act?

Watching Question Time last Thursday made people realise how much of a depressed state we really are.

At 10:35pm on Thursdays, we debate on political issues of the day with relevant people to ask and voice our opinions at, whether or not we agree with them. 476 more words

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