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George Osborne faces backlash after branding charities ‘anti-business’

George Osborne addresses the Institute of Directors, where he urged business leaders to put their heads ‘above the parapet’. Photograph: Rex Features

Courtesy of Katie Allen & Rowena Wilson @ The Guardian: 719 more words


And So It Goes...#541

It is fashionable for people to be persuaded to undergo a slow and lingering exit from life afflicted by horrendously painful conditions of one kind or another without the slightest reasonable hope nor prospect of improvement or cure.It’s termed palliative care.There,there  just stick around for a few more years of whatever you’ve got and just ebb away whilst keeping someone else’s pristine conscience clear. 399 more words

UK Politics

90,000 Followers, In Search Of A Leader

Bring back Russell Brand, all is forgiven.

The comedian turned author was actually present at Saturday’s “Britain Needs A Pay Rise” demonstration in central London, showing his solidarity by marching with a contingent from the Royal College of Nursing and posing for pictures with the crowd at the rally in Hyde Park. 1,385 more words


How I’m feeling about our politics right now

Some time between the last weeks of the Scottish referendum campaign, and the announcement mere days after earning their own MP that UKIP would be given a comfy place in next year’s TV election debates, I had an epiphany. 923 more words

And So It Goes...#540

The Usurer-Capitalist global socio-economic system went  ” Ker-boom ! ” at the end of 2007. It is still in the longest and deepest recession of the past 100 years even by its own self-indulgent,optimistic prognostications. 303 more words

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