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Wee Eck and jam for Scotland tomorrow.

In the land of David Hume and Adam Smith intelligent debate has been reduced to name calling and evasion. On the Scottish side for independence, that is.

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What Our Welfare State Actually Looks Like

There seems to be a lot of stigma surrounding the ‘welfare state’ of Britain. It is a topic that features almost every week on Question Time, and has become something of a go-to reason for any problem our country faces. 338 more words

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Responding to Irrational Politics

David Cameron, currently Prime Minister of the UK has tried to put together his thoughts on faith and morality. We might give him the benefit of the doubt and say he is simply poor at communicating his ideas but I’m afraid he may actually think like this. 228 more words


Inauthenticity and Desire: Cribbing from UKip

A Response to: The Fabian Society, ‘Being Human: Is Greater Authenticity in Politics Possible?’

To answer the title question – ‘Is greater authenticity in politics possible?’ – it is first necessary to interrogate the question itself: what does ‘authenticity’ mean here? 471 more words

UK Debt Is Actually £100 Billion Higher Than We Thought, Official Stats Body To Say

Courtesy of Huff Po:

George Osborne’s austerity message is set to be dented by the government’s own statistics body, as it prepares to adopt new calculations that mean the UK’s public sector debt will be £100 billion greater than estimated. 285 more words


Editor Willing To Publish Anything Doesn't Think Public Deserve To Know About Government Surveillance

The ongoing public debate about the Snowden NSA leaks and government surveillance was effectively settled once and for all today, as former News of The World… 429 more words