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Arbitrariness of power VS strength of the system

The arbitrariness of life strikes me at 9.00am. Obama is president of the United States of America. Upon his shoulders lies colossal responsibility, because upon the shoulders of the USA lies responsibility for much of the damage of human kind. 427 more words

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In response to Owen Jones: In Defence of the Establishment of the Church of England

Owen Jones’ appeal for the separation of church and state showed a deep respect for Christianity in general and the Church of England in particular. But he failed to explain how and why disestablishment would be an improvement. 666 more words


When Scotland becomes a foreign country, what then?

And – this is where I apologise, because I keep saying this – while our shared ties would persist (for a time), there is no denying the fundamental core of what independence means.

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Absurdity of official national pride day

I love England; I love her history, culture and diversity. There is much to admire, and dislike at times, but what makes the English special is the modesty and polite attitude. 204 more words

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Referendums and democracy - again.

Ian Holman (@yarmouthian) and I had a Twitter exchange the other day which I want to use to introduce this blog which will be about referendums and could well take us nowhere. 980 more words

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Are the English really nervous of St George's Day?

Last October a poll about St George’s Day and English identity by the non-partisan think-tank British Future was reported in the press as having found that English people were too “nervous” to celebrate St George’s Day. 1,113 more words

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Together or apart?

More on Scottish independence.

Before I start, many thanks to all of you who left a comment or sent me an email following my last blog – all of which seemed well argued and reasonable even when coming to different conclusions. 1,087 more words

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