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Paul Mason: The banks, how am I here again?

If you think I was angry at RBS and the other transgressive banks…this was only made after I'd calmed down! http://t.co/QFpKrvqSJw

— Paul Mason (@paulmasonnews) …

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Hijack tax-dodging Starbucks #redcups

Tax dodging @StarbucksUK have paid twitter to get #RedCups trending. Hijack their hashtag & share this vid > http://t.co/clDwh4NkKN

— UK Uncut (@UKuncut) November 6, 2014…

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Good News for NHS Funding

In his speech to the Labour Party conference on Tuesday, Ed Miliband outlined his six point plan for Britain, which included restoring a sense of social mobility of all, reinstating the prospects of home ownership for all, tackling the cost of living crisis, low wages and a lack of jobs, and, ambitiously, … 382 more words