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Life on Hannan World (Part 13)

I can barely believe it. A little over 24 hours after I wrote the last “Life on Hannan World” blog, up pops Dissembling Dan with another. 1,107 more words


We love you DPAC #Occupywestminster #SaveILF

A few months ago I was invited by DPAC ( Disabled People Against the Cuts) to get involved with a protest about the Independent Living fund which is due to be cut. 1,871 more words

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Occupy Westminster Protest by DPAC activists Saturday 28th July, 2014. It included people with various disabilities and themselves affected by government onslaught of cuts against the disabled, on behalf of disabled nation wide, suffering effects of cuts in UK. With Independent Living Fund crucial to many in enabling having a more independent life and increasing opportunities, but being slashed by the government. A protest on the lawn of Westminster Abbey was met by 100s police presence and being kettled. The following blog item re-blogged here goes into detail about the planning and massive effort by those taking part to get this to public attention: We love you DPAC #Occupywestminster #SaveILF https://twitter.com/chunkymark/status/483370015467798529 https://twitter.com/TheSilentAnon/status/483364852455309314 https://twitter.com/chunkymark/status/483264517175246848 https://twitter.com/chunkymark/status/483565613915594752 https://twitter.com/chunkymark/status/483678350322728960 The Socialist Way: ""Judge any society by how it treats its weakest members. The blockade of Westminster Abbey https://twitter.com/churchpoverty/status/483904599980797952 https://twitter.com/AlisonPlayford/status/485038600070107136 https://twitter.com/TenPercent/status/485043912474497024 https://twitter.com/AnitaBellows12/status/485045760283918336 https://twitter.com/Dis_PPL_Protest/status/485039202200199168 https://twitter.com/AnitaBellows12/status/485048758926065664 https://twitter.com/AnitaBellows12/status/485051664110714880 https://twitter.com/hangbitch/status/485078038854795265 https://twitter.com/stevetopple/status/485073526937120768 https://twitter.com/PenPep/status/485071387414257664 https://twitter.com/SophEpartridge/status/485132955413909505

Ongoing blog item as protests develop

We love you DPAC #Occupywestminster #SaveILF

A few months ago I was invited by DPAC ( Disabled People Against the Cuts) to get involved with a protest about the Independent Living fund which is due to be cut. 1,871 more words

Standing around doing not very much declared best use of police time

The Metropolitan Police has officially confirmed that its police officers best serve the public when told to loiter around disabled people with their hands in their pockets. 387 more words


Shame Of The Church of England: Dean of Westminster Allows Hundreds of Police To Attempt Stamp Out Of Disabled People's Peaceful Protest

The leadership of the Church of England showed themselves to have the morals of sewer rats today after hundreds of police were drafted in to prevent a peaceful protest by disabled campaigners. 794 more words


Disabled Protesters Occupy Grounds of Westminster Abbey and Set Up Camp

Disabled people have today occupied the grounds of Westminster Abbey in protest at the closure of the Independent Living Fund.

In a bold escalation of the campaign against this vicious move, the protesters are currently establishing a camp for independent living,  Campaigners want to draw attention to this Government’s treatment of severely disabled people who depend on the ILF to lead independent lives. 161 more words

Fighting Back

Income inequality in the UK

The UK is one of the most unequal countries in the developed world. The gap between pay at the top and bottom is huge. Living standards for everyone – apart from those at the very top – remain squeezed. 7 more words