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Days Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen (The Start of Week Two. What?)

September 15th, 16th, and 17th, 2014

Is this real? I’m already in the middle of my second week in London? For as much that’s happened and as long as the days may have felt at the time, I honestly can’t believe I’ve already been here for that long.  1,948 more words


The United Kingdom. A United Past. A United Future.

In 1600, the Kingdoms of Scotland and England were individual sovereign states, with separate parliaments, judiciaries and laws. In the South reigned Queen Elizabeth I of England while in the North, James VI of Scotland had been on the throne for some thirty-three years. 901 more words


News Roundup - 17 September 2014

ECtHR Judgment in Hassan v UK (on IHL and IHRL in times of IAC). On EJILTalk, Lawrence Hill-Cawthorne provides a first review of this important ruling. 50 more words


What’s the worst that can happen? What’s the best that can happen?

Posted by Euan Bennet on 17/09/2014

I’ve already written over 20,000 words on this blog partly as an attempt to collect my own thoughts. For the most part, not many other people have read them. 1,987 more words


"Can Malta really survive as an Independent Country?" - said England 50 years ago

The Second World War provided an intense shift in European politics, and also effectively led to the dismantling of the British Colonial Empire. Malta achieved its Independence in 1964, following almost a decade of talks with London. 740 more words


Oxfords street lights

Walking home in the night, nearly there.

Thinker: The people (should) yearn for fair governance

In 1787, when the US Constitutional Convention was coming to its end, a lady on the street asked Benjamin Franklin what form of government they had bequeath them, a monarchy or a republic. 508 more words

European Union