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Carry On Westminster - The Tops Trumps of British Democracy

This is a piece I wrote for Huffington Post earlier this week.  I think it speaks for itself, although after it was published I thought I should have pointed out that none of the the politicians I refer to in the studio on election night were Greens.  1,264 more words


Pope Urges 'Aged and Weary' Europe to Accept Migrants and Reject Hunger

At many times in Europe’s turbulent history religious leaders have turned a blind eye to violence and discrimination. At other times faith itself has set the battleground. 743 more words

Secret UKIP Labour Meeting This Lunchtime

Imagine Guido’s surprise when strolling home from lunch through Westminster to spot Ed Miliband’s Director of Strategy Greg Beales emerging from a lunchtime meeting with Nigel Farage’s Head of Media Alexandra Phillips. 19 more words

Guido Fawkes


Close to my heart and my head this one.

I don’t believe that homes should be down to a lottery or luck.

Now homes for British people dropped down to another lottery league on regarding whether you had a job or not. 438 more words

Unofficial UKIP cookbook launched for Christmas

An unofficial UKIP cookbook – full of suggestions for replacing foreign meals with traditional British food – has gone on the market in time for Christmas. 147 more words

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And So It Goes...#556

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s column in the Daily Telegraph has one inestimable advantage over the likes of ,say the Daily Mail’s unceasing flow of Tory-rhetoric dressed up as populist indignation. 461 more words

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