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This is outrageous!

Britain has burned countless billions propping up the catastrophic EU project. Now Brussels is ruthlessly billing us for more – £1.7 billion more – to bail out the countries responsible for the Euro catastrophe, while France and Germany get a rebate of £801m and £614m. 71 more words

Mark Reckless

UKIP calypso "Love thy neighbour"

I remember as a child watching “Love thy neigbour”.  It was a bit of light fun hearted fun where the white man always came off second best, but we all loved it and entered into the spirit.   170 more words


Liberal Hero of the Week #78: Laura Sandys

Liberal Hero of the Week (and occasional Villains) is chosen by Stephen Tall, Co-Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice, and Research Associate at CentreForum… 523 more words

Liberal Hero / Villain

The Socialism of UKIP

The Daily Mail here reports that UKIP wants Labour to win the next election because it fears Cameron could win an EU referendum. The truth is they want Labour to win so they can carry on milking the Brussels cash cow. 506 more words

EU parasites

Angela “Grey Teeth” Merkel

Ca-Moron is said to be travelling to Brussels to challenge their latest attempt at ruining our country. Now they are demanding £1.7 BILLION extra from us. 133 more words


One windy day at Westminster

“Hello? This is David Cameron”

Head of European Union (whoever that is) : ” ok what’s up dude?”

Cameron: ” I’m extremely cross. That Nigel Farage is going to win seats and my friends will lose seats and their jobs, it’s really not cricket.” 167 more words


Heckler distribution underway

Distribution of the latest print edition of the Thurrock & Basildon Heckler is well underway with copies being delivered to selected locations across Thurrock and Basildon. 245 more words