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Whilst in a state of purdah - security for polling day

Whilst Ukraine enters a state of purdah, and all electioneering has thus ended, in keeping with the spirit of an official and lawfully required end to campaigning, there will be no mention of the election – as far as voting, outcomes, infringements and speculative coalitions are concerned. 326 more words


Postcard #14

14th postcard

Distance: 1,923 km

Travel time: 8 days

From: marianka1986


Postcard #10

10th postcard

Distance: 1,838 km

Travel time: 30 days
From: reverend


No.331 UA

Sep 12 from Olya

Olya is a teacher who lives in Kiev. Thanks for this lovely card!


An unusual course of events

One of the few benefits of spending 10 minutes a day, most days over the past few years, churning out less than erudite rumination more often than not, is that when Ukraine and/or Odessa are for some reason internationally interesting, approaches are made by journalists wanting either an interview (most requests refused), or a “fixer” to facilitate interviews, or meeting requests are made by NGOs, academics, think-tankers, observers of various sorts, the occasional wandering politician, and  flocks of passing diplomats for (mostly) off the record chats. 611 more words


Modest desires

The currently self-declared – and if there is a local “election”, rubber stamped – “Prime Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic” (otherwise known as occupied Ukraine to many) Alexander Zaharchenko,  782 more words


Lending a helping hand: UMANA sends medical and financial relief to Ukraine

  • In the midst of Ukraine’s uproar battle with neighboring country Russia, members of the Ukraine Medical Association of North America are lending a helping hand.

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