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Ukraine :: 02 September — the bloody "anniversary"

On September 02 is exactly 4 months as more than 100 people were  cruelly killed and burnt alive in Odessa. Kiev accepted only 46 victims and announced that «people burnt themselves due to carelessness» Untill now no investigation was taken, no one guilty was found and punished, though a lot of witnesses and video materials are available. 138 more words


An appeal (and breaking the rules of the blog)

This blog historically shuns advertising.  Rarely does it promulgate public service announcements.  Only occasionally has it promoted NGOs.

It frequently received queries regarding the legitimacy of charities from would-be donors – and makes an effort at confirming or denying their existence within the legal frameworks of Ukraine. 362 more words


A mirage of Russian invasion

The entire world community shocked by the official announcement of Kiev about invasion of regular military troops of Russian Federation to the territory of Ukraine. Ukrainian President Peter Poroshenko said that due to this tragic event, he immediately call the meeting of Council of National Security and Defense and urge the UN Security Council urgently get together on its meeting. 847 more words


War in Ukraine and who unleash it?

Using the word “crisis” is not quite correct to what is happening in the east of Ukraine. There’s a civil war! One part of the people, killing another part of the same people. 68 more words


Ukraine — The revival of Nazism. Part 3 (Video)

Photo on top made in 1941-1944 On the left, portrait of Hitler and swastika, on the right, portrait of Bandera and Ukrainian State’s symbol “trident” On the center big portrait of the national poet Shevchenko. 66 more words


Interesting but incomplete - Carnegie

This blog has some good friends within Carnegie, and especially so within Carnegie Moscow – in fact some of its members have publicly dedicated articles to this blog in the past – rather humbling it should be noted. 264 more words