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At last Russian humanitarian convoy arrived to suffering people in Lugansk

Moscow has accused Kiev of placing political interests above humanity, adding that it is confident it made the right decision to order a convoy with Russian humanitarian aid to proceed to the conflict zone without waiting for further Ukrainian permission. 1,005 more words


Cyber-fighters appealed to people of Poland to stop genocide on eastern Ukraine

After they effectively blocked for a half of the day (29 of July) the web-site of the Ukrainian president Petr Poroshenko, cyber-fighters from ‘CyberBerkut’ on 14th of August blocked for a while a number of Polish web-sources, including president’s site and Warsaw Stock Exchange one. 474 more words


MH17... more evidence of Israeli Mossad/Ukrainian Govt. collusion (even the CIA says it wasn't 'The Russians'!)... IHOR KOLOMOYSKYI

‘Im not always right… just usually when it comes to the Israelis’ – Shirlz007

-I said with ten minutes of MH17 being downed… ”your looking at the Israelis, backing ‘elements’ within the Ukrainian Interim Govt…. 3,991 more words


"They call us "Terrorists" just because we live here" (video)

The citizen of Donbass (eastern part of Ukraine) speaks to the British journalist saying that actually local people are not terrorists though Kyev junta calls them so. 55 more words


A detailed look at Ukrainian Neo-Nazis.

EU politicians that supported the Maidan Revolution are voicing concerns bordering on fear about how much control Ultra Nationalists have over the government in Kiev. Chancellor Merkel’s government is telling her she can no longer afford to ignore the Ultra Nationalists in Ukraine. 3,096 more words


Ukraine :: Ukrainian military forces shelled the religious objects.

Lugansk. August, 21.

One more Orthodox Christian Church damaged by the Ukrainian military forces in Lughansk. The same day Pro-Kyev troops sent their shells on the Cathedral Mosque in Donetsk. 31 more words


The face of the Ukrainian Nazis

Those are photos of the Neo-Nazi recruits of the Ukrainian Military Police and Army who are sent to punish people of Donbass for their unwill to live under Fascists rule. 131 more words