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Obama’s “Catastrophic Defeat” in Ukraine - Intifada Palestine

There is no Russian invasion anymore than there were WMD, mobile weapons labs, aluminum tubes, Sarin gas etc, etc, etc. It’s all BS concocted by a servile media pursuing the agenda of a warmongering political establishment that wants to escalate the conflagration in east Ukraine at all cost. 150 more words


Ukrainian soldiers surrender hundreds. In Kiev, no longer able to conceal.

Cause of Ukrainian law enforcers bad. This is evidenced by the very fact that the recent news agency UNIAN Kiev beginning to accept big losses of Ukrainian soldiers. 630 more words


The Tragedy of the Ukraine: The Point of No Return is Inexorably Approaching


Right before the meeting of the contact group, junta strongman P A Poroshenko proposed to start with a clean slate, “We need to stop everything and start diplomatic negotiations.   544 more words


Realpolitik for the 21st Century

Time for Moscow and America to sit down behind closed doors and talk reality. The so-called national borders of former Soviet Republics are purely fictional. There never were self-governing nation-states named… 197 more words

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Has Dr. Strangelove Entered Ukraine On A White Horse?

While American media was distracted by ISIS and Ferguson, Russia appears to have invaded eastern Ukraine. Several thousand Russian troops and 100 tanks are reported fighting their way along the Ukrainian coast, relieving the pressure the Urrainian military had been putting on the ‘rebels,’ most of whom are said to be Russian. 255 more words


Russia, Nobody Wants You

Russia has been proffering various options for solving the situation they created in Ukraine.  

Unilaterally, Russia is offering these options.  Nobody else is supporting Russia.  Everyone understands Russia is the cause of all the problems in Ukraine.   259 more words