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Insidious Occupation

Ask yourself: “What exactly is a border, and why do we (‘we’ referring to human beings in general) often fight so hard, go so far in different ways, to defend them?” 580 more words


MILNEWS.ca Ukraine Update - 301130UTC Sept 14


Insurgent Ruble Currency Plans: Continued Donetsk independence efforts challenge Ukraine ...

The leaders of Ukraine's self-styled Donetsk People's Republic have said they hope to join the ruble zone in the next three to four months. Insurgent … … 6 more words


Ukraine's Euromaidan movement gets Lech Walesa Award: Pro-democracy revolution recognised ...

Ukraine's pro-western Euromaidan movement has been awarded this year's prestigious Lech Walesa award. Kyiv's Mayor Vitali Klitschko and other … http://ift.tt/1qR2GJT


Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine

A Malaysian passenger plane was shot down over eastern Ukraine by militants on Thursday, killing all 295 people aboard, a Ukrainian interior … http://ift.tt/1qR2Gd5