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First Annual Marianas Ukulele Festival

In light of starting my first ukulele lessons this past week, I had heard about the first annual Marianas Ukulele Festival last week and knew I had to go. 514 more words

"Rose Tattoo" by Dropkick Murphys

Saw these awesome lads in Chicago for their “Sign and Sealed in Blood” tour a year and a bit ago and “Rose Tattoo” was an immediate fav.

A Lighter Side of Country

When I was growing up, I thought the fun performers of country music were all on TV’s Hee Haw show. My father played many an 8-track tape of country song hits during our long car trips to Florida and the family cottage up North. 704 more words


What does a good ukulele sound like?

I got this question quite often: what does a good ukulele sound like? Warm? Bright? Sharp? Mellow? Frankly, it’s a matter of personal preference. Some people likes it warmer, while other prefer brighter. 81 more words


My dog has died and I need a distraction and love bloging so here is a dog blog.

I made a video of me and my dog playing a while back, so I had something to remember his by. My computer lost it. I found this instead and I finished the song that I didn’t finish before.   41 more words


Two Downloadable Song Books


I have online searched far and wide, and can not seem to hit on the proper website link to access the song books for the Dallas Ukulele Headquarters. 327 more words


Tough Love or Operant Conditioning

Several weeks ago I bought a ukulele.

It is purple and sparkly and I can already play recognizable versions of La Vie En Rose, All About That Bass, Happy Birthday, and Me and Bobby McGee. 303 more words