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'Yellow' by Coldplay on ukulele

Chords used: C – Csus – G – Gsus – F – Fsus – C – Csus

'Stay With Me' by Sam Smith- ukulele cover

Chords used:
Intro: Am- F – C
Verse: Am- F – C – F – Dm – C
Chorus: Am – F – C

My Foray into Ukulele

My initial impulse to get a ukulele was driven by a desire to have a “friendlier” instrument to replace my older mandolin.   I found I could get a very good ukulele for $250, but a good new mandolin was more like $1,000.   212 more words


Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich was as expensive as I had heard. There, it’s been said. Switzerland however is so very very beautiful. I got to stay with a swing dancing friend that I made in Herrang and I had a laid back but wonderful time. 300 more words

Escape to the islands with The Broad Street Ramblers

RICHMOND, Va – K. Alferio, President of The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen, and Gregg Kimball, member of The Broad Street Ramblers, shared details about the 3rd Annual UkeFest Virginia.  79 more words

Virginia This Morning

Christmas is looming in Cebu!!! Keep calm and Uke On

If for the rest of the world Santa is coming in 2 months, in the Philippines it is tomorrow! With Christmas carols heard as early as September, I already feel under an intense shopping pressure. 498 more words