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Ukulele Loving

Recently, I ordered a ukulele off of Amazon. I received it in the mail a few days ago, and I love it a lot! I know most basic chords, and I’ve been able to play a few songs that I know. 88 more words

Summer 2014

"Listen to the Radio" - Blue Hill, Maine, USA

I wonder what the ukulele equivalent of a 00-18 Martin guitar is?

Just pretend the unavoidable mountaintop wind is radio static.

“Listen to the Radio,” Nanci Griffith


Over the Rainbow

Dear T,

I picked this one because I know how much you love it. I also love it and I think it will make everyone cry like a little baby Tebow if we first-danced to it. 70 more words


Homemade EP Series

A few pictures from our recording sessions a few weeks ago. We’re at home around the world, but this was in Mexico, DF. We might even have a song about the experience eventually.


music jamming

Hopeful that I have found some sweet people to jam with.
I met Valerie at Bali Hut in the Aspley Shopping Centre. She and her magical boyfriend Mick have moved here from Tasmania not so long ago and like me having been hoping to run into like minded peeps. 49 more words


The Way I Am Cover

The Traveling Kimchi and the LocoMango team up for their very first cover!
We practice and covered that day so sorry that we are reading and not looking at the camera! 22 more words


The Ungood Ukulele Player - On Second Thought

This song makes me think of indecision, hence the name.