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How we grew Irish Ultimate in 20 years, to become an overnight success!

We did it. The Irish Mixed Beach team had an amazing season last year, reaching multiple club finals and then winning a major medal at a major international tournament last year for the first time. 742 more words

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fuzzy, the Chris Fite-Wassilak interview

Captain (and, or, founder) of TCD, Throwing Shapes, Johnny Chimpo, Ireland Open Beach, founder member of two of those teams, this was a mover and shaker of Irish Ultimate, even in his own piratical style. 2,871 more words

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Runaway Train

I just got to have the  experience of running to catch a train and watching it pull away seconds before I made it to the edge of a platform.   540 more words

Gareth 'Crash' McFeely, 18 years of Irish, English, German and US Ultimate

As we work through 20 years of Irish Ultimate History, much like the rich, multilayered Rashomon  by Kurosawa (an insane 100% rating on Rotten tomatoes), so too with Irish Ultimate it’s interesting to hear from different people’s perspectives on how they saw things progress and develop. 3,378 more words

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Go Giants

Hola a todos! Don’t worry, this blog isn’t about the Giants getting into the World Series. I just couldn’t think of a better title. Moving on. 1,537 more words

Californians In Spain

Why is Ultimate Frisbee such a successful breeding ground for creatives and tech superstars?

Layout d’s, awesome blocks, sweet scubas (scoobers), killer break forces, coast to coast plays, zone defence, swilly hammers, vicious blades, going ho’, and other arcane expressions are all from a particular sport which has proved to be a fertile breeding ground for startup successes. 945 more words

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Back At It

Now that the Club season is over for the Brocats, my training goal has switched from “don’t get hurt and try not to suck too much” to following an actual training plan. 714 more words

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