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Geoff West, Ultimate Frisbee Hall of Famer, from Columbia High School to Rutgers and beyond

By @SimonCocking

We’re in a fortunate position that many of the people who stood on the pitch, or rather car park, for the first ever game of ultimate frisbee are still alive, and willing to share their memories of that day and the decades that followed. 1,725 more words

Ultimate Frisbee

Nick Cash, Ultimate success from '76 to 2015

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Nick Cash Ultimate interview

When we start talking about longevity in Ultimate this is someone who takes the biscuit, eats it, and then tosses it long for the score, metaphorically speaking at least. 1,465 more words

Ultimate Frisbee

One Tortuga, Two Tortuga, Three Tortuga, more!

Have I mentioned Lizzie and Nicky in any previous posts?

I can’t recall… anyway, they’re two young English girls we befriended way back in the Mexican town of Valladolid, and have since shared the odd drink, hostel or meal with over the ensuing months and across four countries (Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and now El Salvador). 1,085 more words

El Salvador

Alan Jolley's Ultimate Adventure

In his 49 years as a Staples math teacher, Alan Jolley has earned tremendous respect and admiration. Future engineers and mathphobes alike look forward to his “Jolley calls” — phone messages to parents saying their kids have done well. 461 more words


An Ultimate Experience

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything at all on this here blog. One could probably say that a fair amount has happened since. 719 more words


Ultimate (Frisbee) Cambodian women

Each time I pass the volleyball court on the campus of the Kampong Cham Provincial Teacher Training College (PTTC) in Cambodia, I notice that it is exclusively dominated by men, even though my school is 75% women. 955 more words


The Newbie Chronicles (part 3): Initial Audition Results

You ever have one of those moments where you do something so impossibly bad that you then have to go do something you know you aren’t horrible at shortly thereafter, just to make yourself feel better? 1,932 more words

Dance! :)