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Results From The Ultimate Reset

So the past 21 days, I was participating in a program called: The Ultimate Reset. It is a cleanse that is designed to gently not only cleanse you, but help retrain your body to crave the foods that are healthy for it. 1,036 more words

So, its the end of Ultimate Reset and Beginning of 21 Day Fix

Its off to the next leg of this jourrney, as I close my journey on the Ultimate Reset – I will begin another with the 21 Day Fix. 98 more words

Ultimate Reset

End of Week 2!

So, two weeks have come and gone-I’ve questioned my decisions, questioned this process, but it’s all worked out. The results so far show the Ultimate Reset works. 90 more words

Ultimate Reset

Its been a few crazy days.....

Well, I have missed for two days in writing in this blog. Actually thought about it, but never wanted to sit down to the laptop and write…or think for that matter.  253 more words

Ultimate Reset

So you had a bad day, and a cheat day

So, you had a bad day, fell off the diet, didn’t workout, just wanted to be alone and ignore the world. Yeah, that pretty much sums up my day. 659 more words

Ultimate Reset

Ultimate Reset - Day 9- Struggles today

Oh my goodness, where do I start for this day? Its been an uphill climb to which I never want to see that hill, I call a mountain for a while. 179 more words

Ultimate Reset

Onward to Week 2 of Ultimate Reset - Day 8!

Day 8: 
Onward to week two of Ultimate Reset. I actually made it through week 1 with a few cheats along the way. But thats ok, for the most part I stayed on track with the water and supplement schedule. 217 more words

Ultimate Reset