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Prompt 021: Colour

Both of them stared at each other for a long time, their eyes locked in a fierce battle for the first one to blink seems to be the first to lose. 580 more words

Prompt 019 - White

“Well  well well…” Danny in his overbearing and annoying presence paced in front of us, the unlucky chained couple. “I think you know why I’ve called you here today.”

Ultimate Writing Challenge

Prompt 018 - Black

All I saw was complete darkness.

I’m not joking.

Ultimate Writing Challenge

Prompt 016 - Purple

I couldn’t just stay here, I realized. I couldn’t go along with their moods. I couldn’t let myself get swayed by them.

My village was cool. 1,085 more words

Ultimate Writing Challenge


Prompt 020: Colourless

Special Muse Third person Limited Perspective

“Oh dear, it seems like Carol and Kienze has taken a tumble haven’t they?”  Muse had a wry smile on her face as she just took good step back from the start of the mishap. 533 more words


Prompt 019: White

            Follow up checks are necessary, though the idea of returning to the hospital isn’t thrilling Carolyn.  She made sure not to bring any of her friends with her; this surely will make them worry.  491 more words


Prompt 018: Black

            Sure it was dark at the moment, but Carol think she accidently elbowed Kienze in the face as she struggled to get up from her fallen position.  469 more words