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Prompt 017: Brown

            “Danielle!  Dave!  You two should stop fighting seriously, I brought presents for both of you.”  Carolyn smiles at the two young twins that are her niece and nephew.  729 more words


Prompt 016: Purple

“We are under attack!”  Kienze cried out as a volley of arrows soared through the trees and landed not as accurately, but still too close for comfort.  579 more words


Prompt 015: Blue

Carolyn was already finished with the merger pile she obtained from the library.  She really should have gotten more books but her trip was shortened due to issues.   580 more words


Prompt 014: Green

There was nothing like a hoard of crawlers to start of the early morning, by the sound of an arrow soaring through the tent.  583 more words

Prompt 010 - Year

“How many times do I have to tell you?” Isidore hissed when I was unceremoniously dropped in front of him. “Forcing Plume to carry you at such a young age will result in the over-development in his muscles, causing him to become deformed or mutated when he grows up.”

Ultimate Writing Challenge


Prompt 013: Yellow

“I know this is strange and all, but I know how much you love sunflowers and home cooked dinners…” Frederick mumbled barely audible behind the large flowers that are currently in his arms.  610 more words


Prompt 012: Orange

            After a good distance of travel, the sky started to transfer from blue to a reddish hue.  The scenery changed quickly even with the short amount of time, the biome from dense forest to tropical jungle like.  472 more words