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GOG Responds to Controversial Ultraviolent Killing Game, "Hatred

upcoming PC game that lets you play the role of a mass murderer, has caused quite a stir since its beyond brutal gameplay trailer was released this week. 359 more words

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Remake Rumble Review: Oldboy

Remake Rumble…? More like Remake Execution.

So, against my better judgment I’ve decided to do this particular Remake Rumble! I guess it wouldn’t leave my mind until I had seen it through. 1,316 more words


Review: Maniac

Deeply disturbing, for a film I just dived into blindly I was not prepared for it (especially when I wasn’t feeling well!)

Elijah Wood plays a serial killer who stalks and targets young women and after stabbing them to death, he scalps them and staples their hair onto mannequins so they can live with him. 285 more words


Review: You're Next

Despite all the atypical slasher cliches, You’re Next does have some appeal. Even if it is a long slew of endless murder.

When wealthy parents invite their children and partners to their countryside house, they are suddenly surrounded by masked murderers who are intent to hunt down and kill every one of them. 450 more words


Review: Evil Dead

An intensely visceral, bloody and not entirely predictable remake of the 1981 horror classic.

As part of a drug rehabilitation plan, David and his three friends take his sister Mia to an old family cabin secluded in the woods. 524 more words