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Review: The Machine Girl

If I were to say that The Machine Girl is one of the stupidest, worst films I’ve seen in a while, would you actually accept my argument? 308 more words


Review: Dredd

Dredd proves to be a short, angry, drug induced killing frenzy, bringing back memories of the grungy and seedier side of the early 1990s.

Karl Urban (of recent Star Trek fame) wears the iconic black and red helmet of the unstoppable law enforcer Judge Dredd from the 90s comic series 2000AD (which is a British publication, I might add!) as he takes on an entire tower block of criminals with only a telepathic rookie by his side. 444 more words


Review: The Raid (Redemption)

A nonstop melee of gun battles, punching and kicking with some of the best physical choreography I’ve ever seen.

The story, as straight forward as it is, follows a squad of police officers sent into a high-rise building controlled by an underworld tyrant to take him down. 263 more words


Review: Bunraku

Unearthing little gems like these from obscurity always makes me feel good!

Bunraku tells of a future where guns no longer exist after terrible wars nearly destroyed the world, but of course now battles are fought with swords. 285 more words