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Gift of ultrasounds reaps life-saving benefits | Baptist Press

NASHVILLE (BP) — An Arizona woman’s unambiguous response to the first view of her baby offers only one of many life-saving reasons for the existence of the Psalm 139 Project. 158 more words

10th - 11th Week of Pregnancy

I am currently in my 10th week of pregnancy and bad news is my nausea started to get more frequent and I felt way worse as compared to the past few weeks. 219 more words


2nd Ultrasound Appointment- 9 Weeks

The first ultrasound was exactly 2 weeks ago. The wait to see my “little blueberry” again felt really long.
Alas! Today, husband and I was so happy to meet our  now “little grape”  for the 2nd time! 396 more words


1st Ultrasound Appointment- 7 Weeks

Before my first ultrasound, I have read online about how the first ultrasound check can be really disappointing and worrying. There are been many cases of not locating a heartbeat or many a times, the ob/gyn is unable to detect an embryo.   323 more words


The word "benign"

I like it: the word “benign”.

There’s a polyp on my gall bladder, benign. There’s a hemangioma on my liver, benign.

When I go to get my breast biopsies done on Monday, I’ll expect the same answer, “benign”. 10 more words


For Now, All Is Well!

Thank you so much for all the thoughts/prayers/juju/rain dances earlier! I for real love you guys.

Everything looked good! The radiologist said something like, “The embryo is tucked up in there, but it looks fine. 230 more words








“Here to do the sonograms on some sheep.” He pulled his green vet hat down against the freezing wind.

“Yep… meet me out at the barn ,” I stuffed the baby in the snow suit that has managed to survive each and every one of my eight children.   819 more words