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Fourth Ultrasound: 3D & Video

We almost didn’t even bother with the idea of a 3D ultrasound until Aunt Missy, yet again, came to the rescue & told us about an inexpensive & relatively local office that performed them! 59 more words


Ultrasounds: Convenience? Useful? Damaging?

¬†“Avoiding ultrasounds¬†is a gift to your mental health in that it may just liberate you to experience the pregnancy for what it is, rather than to jump from one externalized nail-biting milestone to another.” 6 more words


Fifth Ultrasound

We went to have what was most likely our final ultrasound done & it was great to see his little face again! He was moving around like crazy, as usual, but the nurse was able to get a fantastic shot of his face! 25 more words


Chronicles of a Forty Something Preggo, Continued - First Trimester

I’m sure everyone has a story about their first trimester, all of us with some intricate mix of varying degrees of comedy, misery and action. I’d love to commiserate with all of those who have had really difficult first trimesters, where they spent the majority of their days at the porcelain throne in the bathroom. 2,516 more words


We're having a baby boy! *plus a little insight on my pregnancy thus far*

Baby Schoener is a boy! Both Matt and I are so overjoyed to think of this little guy coming in to rock our world. It’s funny because I “knew” he was a boy from about 8 weeks- of course I had to do my fair share of wives tales and ultrasound studies, and whether I was doing them correctly or not, my gut instinct said boy (after about a week of thinking he was a girl). 1,004 more words


Ultrasounds and Midwives

I’m still deciding on the whole hospital/midwife debate. At this point, I honestly have absolutely no clue which route I’m going to take. I most definitely think that I’ll be meeting with an ob/gyn AND a midwife when I do become pregnant, and ultimately won’t make my final decision until then. 402 more words


Baby #3: 29 weeks - Nursery's painted, 3d ultrasound

Date: June 16, 2014

Photo thoughts: Still loving this belly. Definitely have more junk in the trunk these days. Got a much-needed haircut and brow wax Saturday. 3,527 more words

Third Trimester