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Eleventh Update – Wise/Williams Twins – 20th January 2014

27 Weeks

I have returned home for the next 5 days, to get everything all in order before finally relocating to Perth and being ready for these bubs to come. 680 more words

Tenth Update – Wise/Williams Twins – 13th January 2014

26 Weeks

Another week has gone past and it feels like it was a very busy one at that. Rohan was starting with longer hours with his work and feeling the punch at the end of the first day and with me handing over my work in the first 3 mornings and resting in the afternoons, and then seeing mum and dad from their actual going somewhere trip in the caravan – just made the week fly by …. 925 more words

NinthUpdate – Wise/Williams Twins – 5th January 2014

25 Weeks

Cue music – Cue Johnny Nash – “We can see clearly now the rain has gone, we can see all obstacles in our way” Yes you read right and singing the whole song now, I bet. 1,042 more words

Eighth Update – Wise/Williams Twins – 30th December 2013

24 Weeks

Again another trip to Perth, but with Christmas holidays that we are both on, it was good that we could travel to Perth on our time and not be so rushed with it. 612 more words

Seventh Update – Wise/Williams Twins – 24th December 2013

23 Weeks

This week saw us having a later appointment time, so that we could travel with my mum and dad in the one car as we had a 30th birthday to go to that night. 1,271 more words

Sixth Update – Wise/Williams Twins – 15th December 2013

22 Weeks

I’m sorry for not doing this last week, I was absolutely buggered and with travelling and work, I am stuffed by the end of the day. 769 more words

Fifth Update – Wise/Williams Twins – 2nd December 2013

20 Weeks – Half way there!

As you have probably heard, I am finally back home in Kalgoorlie and really enjoying being in my own surroundings and around the four-legged babies! 1,512 more words