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Big ultrasound day #3 :)

My three big ultrasound days have been three of the best days of my life, and I can safely say that this last one takes the cake. 3,084 more words

Special Moments

Can Every Day be Like This One?

We have a baby that is measuring 6 weeks! The best part? We saw and heard the heartbeat! The most beautiful sound I have ever heard! 138 more words


We're having a baby GIRL!

I kind of can’t believe I get to write those words. :)

Not sure what I thought going into today, really … I was so convinced it was a girl this time, and yet I didn’t quite trust myself, especially with my track record! 293 more words

Special Moments

Regular Scans are OKAY!

Went for my regular ultrasound scans today, which checks that my organs and glands and stuff are doing okay. Annnddd, they are! There have been small lumps in my breasts and on my spleen, but they are stable and not growing, so that God for that.



Today we had the 20 week ultrasound which was totally amazing!  We got to see basically all of our growing baby boy, we got some 3D pics, and a DVD. 444 more words

4D or no 4D?

My doctor’s office does not do any more ultrasounds after 20 weeks unless they are medically necessary. It has been almost 7 weeks since I had an ultrasound and got to see my little girl. 61 more words


21 weeks

Still going strong :) Not much going on except for back aching. I’ve also been feeling more of baby and she likes to kick my cervix! 50 more words

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