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Friday Round-Up

It is absolutely Holiday madness in my office today.  Food, gifts, even cocktails – I am in the spirit!  Happy Friday to all and to all a good weekend! 389 more words

Friday Round-Up

FDA: Going To The Mall For Your Ultrasounds Probably Isn't A Good Idea, Even If It Comes With A Keepsake Gift

Any expectant parent would likely jump at the chance to see their developing bundle of joy. But while commercial ultrasound businesses might seem like the perfect place to catch a glimpse, the Food & Drug Administration is once again warning consumers that non-medical ultrasounds and heartbeat monitors aren’t exactly safe.  446 more words

... and then there were two.


Yes, that’s EXACTLY what thought popped into my head while laying on the exam table Monday, November 8th, with Mr. Weenie Wand all up in my lady bits.

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Jace's 3rd Ultra Sound

Jace’s 3rd and final Ultrasound: September 8, 2014

Way back in September I had my final ultrasound.  And although it’s been a while and Jace is finally in this world, I couldn’t go without posting this.   57 more words

Ultra Sounds

Our Brand New Article!!: 'Ultrasonic assessment of the elastic functional design of component tissues of Phormium tenax leaves'

This article presents Phormium tenax leaves as an example of functional design.  Four different ultrasonic techniques comprising air-coupling and gel coupling, longitudinal and shear waves, normal and oblique incidence and low (0.2 MHz) and high frequencies (2.25 MHz) have been employed to study these leaves. 142 more words


Week 40 Appointment

My 40 Week Appointment concluded that I will not be delivering my baby vaginally due to his size, and the fact that I my cervix is not dilating, plus the small size of my pelvic bone. 138 more words

Pregnancy Journal

Late Third Trimester Update

Well I was sort of hoping to have another birthday on the 1st but I don’t think Acelyn is ready today. His dad’s and mine are both on the 1st of a month. 291 more words

First Time Mom