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Using UV Light to Examine Ancient Paint

BY MADELEINE NEIMAN, 2014–2015 Samuel H. Kress Conservation Fellow at the Kelsey Museum. During her time here, Madeleine’s work will focus on the technical analysis and treatment of objects from Seleucia on the Tigris, a site approximately 18 miles south of modern-day Baghdad, Iraq. 363 more words


What's with All the Purple?

“Violet, say our scientists, is on the extreme edge of visibility!
Could it somehow mark a passage between ours and the invisible world?”

– Vera Van Slyke, “The Minister’s Unveiling” 639 more words

Vera Van Slyke

11 Secrets Sunbathing In Morning

These days we often hear news about the adverse effects of sunlight so many people to be careful to protect themselves from the dangers of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. 798 more words


3 Ways Sunglasses Can Prevent Crows Feet And Protect Your Skin

While you work on staying young, your body and the world around you are working against you. Botox and dermal fillers are part of a billion-dollar industry that just keeps on growing as we keep aging. 435 more words


Watch for the Over Boil

Learn One of the Dangers of Home Brewing

What’s Happening Now

We were finally was able to get back into brewing after a several week hiatus. 1,059 more words

Craft Beer

Eye of the Universe

A nebula Beautiful and gives a feeling of calm. The Universe keeps a protecting eye on Earth.

More beautiful images from NASA? click here. http://www.nasa.gov/ 8 more words

Did You Know Johann Wilhelm Ritter Discovered UV Light?

Ultraviolet light was discovered by Johann Wilhelm Ritter, a science and medical student, in 1801. He conducted experiments to see if invisible light existed beyond the violet end of the spectrum after William Herschel discovered infrared light beyond the red end of the spectrum. 44 more words