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Can sunshine be as addictive as heroin?

If recent media reports are to be believed, then sunshine can be “as addictive as heroin.” Although the study on which the reports were based was carried out on mice, the claims were surprising as sunlight does not typically fall into the list of common addictions such as cigarettes or alcohol. 1,517 more words


Sunlight, Sunburn and Sunblock | Redefine Beauty this Summer

Sunburns happen to even the most religious of sunblock users. They usually happen in the beginning of summer. You’re in rush to meet your friends, and you slather sunblock on your upper arms, neck, and face quickly. 1,010 more words


Washington Health Department: If Puget Sound Were A State, It Would Rank 4th In Skin Cancer Rates

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — The Washington Health Department says if the Puget Sound region were a state by itself, it would rank fourth in the nation in skin cancer rate. 63 more words


Tanning May be Addictive - Study Finds It Stimulates The Body's Natural Opioids Just Like Heroin And Alcohol

A new study suggests that those who love tanning are addicted to ultraviolet light, whether from the sun or tanning beds. UV light raises levels of beta-endorphins, so-called “feel good” chemicals in the body. 265 more words

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Yes, Blacks Need This, Too...

Blacks, as well as others who tend to have darker complexions, don’t have to worry about sunscreen – the higher levels of melanin in their skin is enough to protect them from potentially-harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. 655 more words

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