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Ultravox’s Midge Ure Hopes for Full-Band U.S. Tour After 25 Years Away

This month, Ultravox singer Midge Ure released a new solo record, Fragile; currently, he is part of the RetroFutura tour along with the Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey and Howard Jones. 816 more words


The Wild, The Beautiful and The Damned

Calling cards of madness
Pull the pressmen from their knees
To petrify more images
To dangle just outside the reach
Of the stunted and the dreamless ones who have nothing left to keep… 965 more words

Eurovision 2015 Host City Decision Creates Political Divide in Austria

The decision as to where to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is not an easy one. It certainly is made more complex when the country’s political parties have strong opinions on the venue and even more so when they disagree. 330 more words


Life At Rainbow's End (for all the tax exiles on Main Street)

Streets I knew were rainy, changing
Addresses were rearranging
The cold boy from the suburbs he left there
He’d read the Book of No Return… 1,196 more words

From Ultravox and Underpass to overground success - the John Foxx interview

John Foxx has become something of a cult hero in discerning circles over the last four decades, making a big noise in the art and music world. 1,755 more words


Happy birthday, darling.

No, don’t panic, I havent yet found the love of my life, that title is definitely a Jean Harlow moment. And despite my lookalike status, and at least one person thinking I’m Jean reincarnate, lets keep on safe ground for now. 499 more words

Jean Harlow

2 happy anniversaries, and 1 less than happy one

So fine, lets start with the less than happy one, as that’s the biggest milestone of all. One hundred years ago today, World War 1 officially started. 441 more words

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