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The Brothel Scene....

Last week our Ulysses readers tackled Circe, the long chapter – as long as many a paperback novel – that leads Bloom and Stephen to the brothel and the savage streets of Nighttown. 535 more words

Ulysses reflects the Victorian spirit.

Nevertheless it can be believed in which Tennyson made up Ulysses shortly afterwards this demise associated with Arthur Hallamto remove this deeply surprise this poem is largely a great embodiment Victorian nature, Following Hallam’s demise this poet sensed your need for to come as well as braving this challenge associated with lifebutthe poem is usually over in which personal concern. 130 more words

English Literature

Winning NaNoWriMo

The Secret of Winning NaNoWriMo: “Butt in Chair, Hands on Keyboard”: “Focus on the story. Make the story the only thing. Don’t worry too much about overly flowery prose at this point.

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I did not hear you, could not hear you.
I was standing on the shore once more
at Ithaca,
wondering if I’d ever sail again. 177 more words


More Ulysses

Thinking of Ulysses (below), I’ve just written 2500 words over a couple of hours and didn’t get distracted at all. When I was searching for inspiration I just let my imagination work for me and then I carried on. 165 more words

Eulogising Ulysses

There is an embarrassment of riches for text editors for Mac. I won’t bore you with my own search for the best text editor but I will tell you about the one I have finally chosen to work with. 331 more words

top 5 books i want to read

1. Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3) by Marissa Meyer

I loved loved loved the first two books in Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series (that would be… 185 more words