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Thread #1: Sweet, Sour and Umami

Hello Participants,

Today we will be sampling several items on the flavor spectrum. Please read the following instructions carefully before tasting your foods:

First, read the following excerpt from Robert Krulwich’s food article for NPR on describing the “Umami” flavor profile. 310 more words


The Secret of Your Tongue

Pada manusia normal umumnya memiliki lima macam indra, salah satunya adalah indra perasa pada lidah kita. Permukaan lidah kita nggak halus mulus loh, melainkan ada bintil-bintil halus yang disebut papilla atau papil lidah. 266 more words


The Real Momofuku

Mr. Noodle – who? Back in the day, a steaming hot bowl of dehydrated noodles came to life with a packet of flavouring. Effortless and budget-friendly, minimal wait time added to the appeal in turning this little ‘square’ – that would and could – into a stringy carb-induced sensation. 408 more words


El Pollo Choco: Chocolate Chix Comes to Downtown

Umami Burger’s Adam Fleischman is the mastermind behind the finga-lickin’ hybrid “Choco Chicken”, opening Downtown this month. Building a restaurant brand around such an unorthodox premise may seem risky, but you can expect the forward-thinking Fleischman to make it work. 144 more words

Stu's Review

Japanese beef bowl in Markham. Or: Donburi-buri down!

There’s an interesting phenomenon that I’ve noticed after living in the GTA  for so many years (note to self: I really, REALLY got to stop talking as if I’m an external party observing life in Toronto. 1,475 more words


Roach Coach-ella: Our Fave Foods in Indio This Weekend

It’s a great feeling to see your friends succeed. All of the memories come flooding back. You remember how you encouraged them to keep on keepin’ on, even when the odds were against them. 201 more words

Stu's Review

Cheers...to homemade BBQ sauce

Let me start by saying, I LOVE Barbecue Sauce! Maybe it comes from my roots in Arkansas, or my upbringing in North Carolina, where the Southern folks love them some BBQ. 592 more words