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Kittens Weaned Too Young and their Pacifier

My barn cat Consubstantial 1 had kittens this year. When they were about 6 or 7 weeks old, she took them off somewhere and I couldn’t find them for a week or so. 250 more words


Music to Make Horror Movies By: Umberto

Whenever I am being chased by that miniature (yet totally vicious) monkey with a razor blade knife, I always throw on some Umberto to truly get me in the right frame of mind! 77 more words


ORTIZ-GADLER Gioielli Contemporanei

ORTIZ-GADLER Gioielli Contemporanei Spilla Ucello Giallo UCCELLI L’alata genia
che adoro
-ce n’è al mondo tanta!- varia d’usi e constumi ebbra di vita,
si sveglia
e canta Umberto Saba “Le nostre opere riflettono la nostra tradizione e identità e mettono in discussione il valore dei beni e di come questa idea si evolva e cambi nel tempo. 77 more words