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Quick Thoughts On Today's Non-Violent Witness

We are safe. We are healthy. All is well.

Today’s action, it seems to me, went incredibly well, from any way you choose to look at it. 508 more words

Angels And Pins

and she shines

I have a friend who cries because of how she wakes up and feels every day. And she shines as bright as the sun.

Let me backtrack. 387 more words

Trent UMC VBS 2014 Reflections

Trent UMC held VBS starting on the 10th of July. The Baptist Church joined us and we had 35 children from our area and 38 volunteers working. 166 more words


Is Celibacy Always Good? Matthew 11:28-30 ASV

Is Celibacy Always Good?  Matthew 11;28-30 ASV

My first year in high school I was required to take a child development class. My friends and I were looking forward to the class because we knew the teacher was going to discuss “where babies come from.” 639 more words


The Problem With The Gay Marriage Debate

Over the past decades (give or take a few depending on which denomination you look at) there has been a battle in our churches. That battle hasn’t been on how best to spread the word of God, the best way to serve all of God’s children, or even the best way to show what God’s love looks like. 746 more words


Via Media Methodists Respond to A&W Plan: Part 3 (Trust)

When I was growing up, a very large church down the road had an interesting structure. The entire church operation was in the pastor’s name. His name was on the deed to the buildings, the land, the school, the bank account; it was all in the senior pastor’s name. 840 more words


Dayspring Kids VBS!

In case you weren’t at church today, here’s another chance to see what Dayspring Kids have been up to this Summer!

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