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The Logdea Biodome, event on Kungsgatan 101, Café Planet, the 11th of October

How should we produce our food in the future, and after what principles?

Seeking perhaps an answer to this question, Alexander Bascom (Green Free Will) and Enrique Lescure (the EOS), have embarked on a project and a journey to construct the farm of the future – an automated organic greenhouse relying on green technologies like aquaponics and combine them with permaculture… 53 more words


瑞典設計 Umeå Institute of Design

文: 安尼斯

瑞典設計一直以來享譽世界。上周一位朋友問我,如果他想修讀產品設計,有沒有任何瑞典學校可以推薦。這讓我想起了一位舊同事重返校園攻讀設計的事,於是上網搜尋一下後,便找到了他所讀的 Umeå Institute of Design。 

Umeå Institute of Design 連續第三年被 Red Dot Design 評選為歐洲、北美和南美最佳的設計學校 。1989年成立的 Umeå Institute of Design 是唯一一間斯堪的納維亞學校被 BusinessWeek 商業周刊評為全球60強的設計學校 。  9 more words


More small things

Still struggling to shake off this damn cold – I just keep coughing and spluttering – and feeling under par so its hard to motivate oneself to get on with bigger work.   274 more words

Abstract Painting

Uma Obscura 2014

One of the biggest headlines of my life that has happened so far this year in my life within a positive aspect is Uma Obsura. This year, the Umeå alternative subculture festival Sunset Park has changed it’s name and moved indoors under the name of Uma Obscura.  619 more words

A Fiddler On The Roof


I’m honestly in love with Umeå.


Birch-tree town

Umeå in Sweden is known as Björkanas Stad, the City of Birches.  In June 1888 the eastern part of the city was devastated by fire and in the restoration which followed, silver birch trees were planted along the avenues, apparently to prevent future fires from spreading (though one wonders how effective they would be). 287 more words