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Do YOU remember the Mujahideen in your duas??

Oh brothers and sisters! Know that when the Mujahideen pray at night, they do not pray for Allah to lift their burdens or remove their hardship! 39 more words




Late last year, 2 days before the day of my solemnization, I had Tilawah examination. The Ustaz whom invigilated me saw me for the first time and right after I finished reciting the Qur’an, he talked to me. 1,723 more words

The Devil's Lair

Obama why did you go to Riyadh
Pretending to engage in Jihad
With that evil Saudi King lad
Who thinks Islam’s just a fad
‘cause he’s really very bad… 134 more words


Homesick for a place I've never been to...

Once there existed
A dynasty so great
Al-Andalas, history tells
Then faced a terrible fate

How I wish to see
The city of Cordoba
Its gardens, its fountains… 125 more words

[MUST WATCH #1] - "Changing The Present, Dreaming The Future" By Tariq Ramadan

We need to talk about our problems, and looking at people with respect, caring about your hearts and the hearts of others..Do good, change your heart, change your families, change the world around you.


Disunity in the Ummah

As-salamu ‘alaykum,

Ever wondered why our ummah (the Muslims), has a lot of disunity and division?

The answer is simple, yet…

As Muslims, we all believe that… 1,055 more words

Nature of the Islamic State

It may be pointed out at the very outset that the basic and the foremost social and collective ideal Islam stands for is the establishment of an Ummah or the ideal Muslim community which is the up-holder of the actual vicegrency of the Creator on the earth. 513 more words