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A Muslim does not just take everything at face value. You need to search for the truth, you need to uncover the truth therefore you need to wise up and need to know what is happening around you.

~ Shaykh Anwar al Awlaki.


Da’awah will carry on, Tarbiyah will carry on, and Jihad will carry on
And All of these are building stones for the Ummah in it’s Next Stage.

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Thoughts on everything

I feel as if I am the enemy every time I walk down the street, every purchase I make makes the cashier eye me like I’m buying bomb building materials. 454 more words


People in Glass Houses...

Someone dear to me wrote, “I would like to suggest that we should concentrate our efforts on changing each of our individual conditions and akhlaaq (virtue), then our immediate families, then social circles and community, then Ummah before petitioning the West, Israel and Non-Believers to change. 433 more words

Bienvenue aux petits Musulmans et Musulmanes!

Ce blog va vous donné des conseils pour bien grandir, des jeux pour s’ amuser avec les amis et pleins d’autres choses! 13 more words