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Father: "My son died in Syria for a just cause"

The story of an 18 year old British man dying in Syria hit the news a few days ago. It is an interesting story encompassing feelings about a just cause, the Muslim idea of jihad and the feeling of Ummah across the globe. 34 more words

Religious Education

We Will Not Be Silenced

We will not be silenced

 How long has it been since the civil war in Syria? Exactly: too long.

We are used to turn our backs on things we don’t want to see or hear. 609 more words

Apologies Dr. Afia for writing this to you

My Dear elder sister Dr. Afia

I will add Rahmatullah ilae after your name when you die (if I am alive by then). Dear sister, I have cried for you once, but I don’t any more; I now cry for the people you call (ed). 262 more words

Alien Thought

Pharrell - Happy British Muslims! #HAPPYDAY

Hello my lovely people!!

My absence is explainable…I hope! School has kept me very busy, but I thought I should take a moment and share this beautiful piece of art by our brother and sisters in the UK. 78 more words


Do YOU remember the Mujahideen in your duas??

Oh brothers and sisters! Know that when the Mujahideen pray at night, they do not pray for Allah to lift their burdens or remove their hardship! 39 more words




Late last year, 2 days before the day of my solemnization, I had Tilawah examination. The Ustaz whom invigilated me saw me for the first time and right after I finished reciting the Qur’an, he talked to me. 1,723 more words

The Devil's Lair

Obama why did you go to Riyadh
Pretending to engage in Jihad
With that evil Saudi King lad
Who thinks Islam’s just a fad
‘cause he’s really very bad… 134 more words