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Tahinli Kek Tarifi

Çok şanslıyım çok yakın bir arkadaşım yemek kursuna gitmiş ve müthiş kekler pastalar yapmışlar. Sayesinde biz de bazı lezzetleri yeni yeni tadıyoruz. Her ne kadar tahinli kek birçok bayan tarafından bilinse de ben tahin sevmediğim için daha önce denememiştim. 104 more words

Syrian Militants Present List of Demands for Release of Fijian Peacekeepers - Reports

A member of Islamist Syrian rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra mans a checkpoint on the border crossing between Syria and Jordan

© REUTERS/ Ammar Khassawneh

02/09/2014… 211 more words

Forced External Interference Destroys State, as Seen in Iraq – Russia’s UN Representative

Forceful external interference does not create democracy, but leads to the destruction of the state – Russia’s permanent representative says at a special session of the UN Human Rights Council… 322 more words

Time for the UN to go

Source: Veterans Today, by Michael Shrimpton, August 31st, 2014

The hysterical, mostly anti-semitic, allegations against Israel of ‘war crimes’, with their disturbing overtones of the 1930s, over the perfectly proper counter-terrorist operation in Gaza, reveal a grotesque misapprehension of the Law of War. 591 more words


Ukraine Defense Minister Warns Of "Worst Conflict Since WWII", Shifts Forces To "Combat Full-Scale Russian Invasion"

Source: zerohedge

Unless they are tilting at windmills, the rhetoric this morning from Ukraine’s defense minister is the strongest and most actionable yet. Via his Facebook page, Valeriy Galetey accused Russia of “open aggression,” and explained that: 73 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

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Obama must really dislike Putin --- he is always interrupting his golf game or some fund raiser!

Putin Calls For "Immediate Talks" Over Eastern Ukraine "Statehood"

Source: zerohedge

Vladimir Putin, who has repeatedly said that he does not favor the break-up of Ukraine – but only greater autonomy for the East, appears to have changed course rather dramatically today. 142 more words

World At WAR

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OK Obama Putin has "Called" you so what are you going to do now? But Obama might not know how to play poker so we will see gold seems to be his game so maybe he thinks is his turn to hit the ball now?

This is a preview of two printed brochures designed for UNICEF WASH programme in Mozambique. The finished size is a perfect square 21x21cm, what we see here is the open spreads of the booklet. Photography by Alexander Marques.